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Simple As That: Savor the Evening Walk


In our part of the country, we are enjoying the last days of authentic spring weather – high temperatures in the 80s with the occasional spring thunderstorm to cool things down and replenish the ground.  I think this is the perfect time of year to indulge in long, laid-back evening walks.

My girls and I like to put on our favorite walking shoes and start our walk by visiting the duck who lives across the alley from our backyard.  That is the only constant in our evening walk ritual; beyond our starting point, we never set out with a plan.  My four year old usually decides “left,” “right,” or “straight ahead,” and her little sister is happy just to be able to walk like a big girl instead of riding along in a baby carrier.

Our evening walks have allowed us to meet new neighbors, sneak up on squirrels, listen to the bird’s evening symphony, chase wandering kitty cats, and conclude our day by connecting with nature.

When and where do enjoy a daily walk?

Photo by kol.