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Simple As That: GOO!

I know I am late with getting this week’s Simple As That together for you!  We’ve been enjoying a rainy respite to our sizzling summer days.

One of our favorite indoor activities is to whip up a batch of GOO (also known as slime or GAK). It is super easy, even for the crafty-challenged like myself, and both girls find endless variations of play with it.

The recipe we use is very simple: mix equal parts white glue (cannot be the washable kind) and liquid laundry starch.  Today, Dacey used the glue to create a palette for her glue sticker “work,” and she also loves cutting it with scissors (“giving it a haircut”).  Sometimes she colors it with markers, and we have painted it in the past.  We roll it with the plastic rolling pin and stick cookie cutters in it.  The only rule is keep it off of your clothes and off of the carpet!





If you aren’t keen on using the laundry starch, here is a starch-free recipe for goo:

Mix 3 cups flour and 2 cups baking soda in a bowl.  Stir in one cup of glue – and more as needed until you get the right consistency.


The classic “slime” recipe is to combine one cup corn starch with one cup water.

So fun!

Does your family make goo/slime/GAK?  What is your favorite way to make it?  What are some of the most creative ways to play with goo your family has come up with?