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Discovering Family History Together

The following is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

I have to admit that we are quite spoiled when it comes to the Family History department. No, not that we happen to have a very awesome family tree (who doesn’t?), but that my grandparents have made it their life mission to get thousands of years of family history in an organized order.

This means they have collected all of the photos, lineage, journal entries, news clips, stories, etc. and published books for the family for all of us to have in our homes. Family history is right at our fingertips, but not everyone has a family member that is extremely into family history. And on the other side of our family, the research is not nearly as extensive.

Where Do I Even Start in Teaching Family History?

There are many things I *wish* I would have done with family members, and I want to teach my girls to put these things as priorities in their lives. For example, last year my grandmother passed away after fighting Alzheimer’s for a few years. Throughout my whole life, she and I had an extremely close relationship that we kept strong through long talks on the phone and handwritten letters to each other.

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