Let’s Talk: Kids Sharing Bedrooms

When my Dad was growing up, he shared a small bedroom with his two brothers.  Their room was approximately 10 x 10 and the closet the three boys shared was not much bigger than the closet that I store my vacuum cleaner in today.

In today’s day and age, while it isn’t quite as common as it used to be for children to share bedrooms, it isn’t unheard of.  The size of an average bedroom may have increased, but houses with more than three bedrooms aren’t always easy to locate or afford. For many families, especially larger families, siblings sharing a room isn’t just an option, it is a necessity.

Challenges and Considerations

Sharing space is always about compromise, of course, but sharing space between siblings comes with its own set of challenges and considerations:

  • age differences
  • sleeping patterns – late sleepers vs. early risers
  • division of chores
  • individual temperaments
  • privacy

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Weekend Showcase: Link Love

Happy Weekending, my friends!

Book Review: Bean Appetit Hip and Healthy Ways to Have Fun With Food

Some of my favorite memories as a child involve whipping up something in the kitchen with my grandmothers or mother.  And although I’m no chef, I look forward to spending quality time cooking with my son, as well.  So when I was asked to review Bean Appetit: hip and healthy ways to have fun with food by Shannon Payette Seip, Carisa Dixon, and Kelly Parthen, I was intrigued.

To be honest, many times cook books geared for children are a little cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised by Bean Appetit.

The recipes are all extremely healthy; most of them using lots of fruits and veggies, as well as whole grains.  And since we live in a small town, I especially appreciated that most of the ingredients were easy to find.

In the introduction section, the authors recommend using the Bean Appetit Flour Blend which includes whole wheat flour, unbleached flour, wheat germ, and flax meal in place of regular flour, and their Chickpea Puree instead of butter which really boosts the healthy factor.

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It’s An Eco Date! Earth Friendly Days to Mark on Your Calendar

April is a busy month.  It brings us Easter, Tax Day, Spring Break.  April also provides us with some terrific opportunities to celebrate living simply and treading lightly on the earth.

Here are a few suggestions to mark on your calendar:

National Hanging Out Day

On April 19th let your laundry dry on the line and know that all across the country others will be, too because it is National Hanging Out Day

“Every year, on April 19th, Project Laundry List joins together with hundreds of organizations from around the country to educate communities about energy consumption. National Hanging Out Day was created to demonstrate how it is possible to save money and energy by using a clothesline.”

Sounds like a great reason to take your kids and your laundry basket outside and hang out!

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Weekend Showcase: Link Love

Have wonderful weekend, everyone! I’m looking forward to sharing a new column from Christen of Nurture Baby this week, a super cute cookbook review, and our simple ideas for outdoor fun with your kids. Best wishes!