Homemade Baby Food 101 for the Modern Mom – Part II

Today, more and more moms are choosing to make homemade baby food, passing by the vast array of conventional choices in our supermarkets.  To recap Monday’s post, homemade baby food is simply better for your baby, your wallet, and the planet!

Today, we will expand upon this topic by showcasing a variety of time and money-saving tips to create delicious homemade goodness for your little ones.

Preparing your own baby food is quite simple, despite its daunting reputation.  It does take a bit of planning and a few hours of your time, but the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice. The result will be a great sense of pride, and  more importantly, a happy and healthy baby!


I start with timing because this is where I lose most moms.  However, you only have to set aside a maximum of an hour per week to prepare homemade baby food. Some recipes take as little as ten minutes. Most recipes are designed to yield a large amount of food (literally dozens of servings for baby), therefore, your will have a delicious variety of age-appropriate, homemade goodness within a few weeks time. This works well considering you only introduce one food a week to your baby in the beginning.

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Homemade Baby Food 101 For the Modern Mom – Part I

In the tradition of all old things becoming new again, today at Simple Kids we will discuss making homemade baby food – just like our grandmothers did – but with a fresh spin designed for the modern mom.

Today, unlike our grandmothers’ time, we have a plethora of choices in our supermarkets – everything from the conventional, shelf-stable variety to the expensive, gourmet, “boutique” brands. These foods have revolutionized the way we feed our children and there is certainly nothing wrong with them. However, after having my first child, I made the decision to feed my baby the same fresh, wholesome ingredients I fed the rest of my family. Little did I know at the time how simple and convenient homemade baby food would be.

I am certainly not alone in the decision to make homemade baby food; it is making a big come back these days!

It appeals to modern-day moms for a variety of reasons:

It’s better for your baby.

Homemade baby food allows you to introduce fresh, seasonal, healthy, and tasty foods to your little ones – providing them with the best start in life…no fillers, no preservatives. Because you control the ingredients, you can introduce little one’s taste buds a vast array of flavors and textures that you might not find in the conventional brands. The more fruits and vegetables you introduce to your baby at a young age, the more likely they will eat (and enjoy!) them later.

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Showcase: Link Love and Welcome Jennifer to Simple Living Weekly

I want to take a few moments this weekend to welcome Jennifer to the Simple Living Media family! Jennifer is a SLM reader and fan and now is the new voice behind our weekly newsletter. She handpicks the best of the best each week from all of the SLM blogs and puts them together for you, along with fun giveaways and good deals,too.

You can welcome Jennifer and let her know what you think of the newsletter by sending an email to Jenny@simplelivingmedia.com and if you’re not a subscriber  to Simple Living Weekly yet, what are you waiting for? Its free, fun, and great way to get the highlights of SLM in one handy spot each week.

What is on Your Mother’s Day Wish List?

Yesterday I shared with you my hope to document the ordinary moments this Mother’s Day, but that is only part of my plan.  I have a few other things items on my wish list for Sunday, including:

  • Sleeping in past 7 a.m.
  • A recreation of that gorgeous breakfast from Simple Bites, pictured above, down to the very last crumb: How to Have Peace, Serenity, AND Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day.
  • Some time with my Spring Reading Thing list and the latest Simple Living Media Book Club title.
  • Lunch with my Mom, Sister, Grandmother, and extended family.
  • Hugs, kisses, and (while I’m wishing) good manners and no bickering from my children.
  • To laugh a lot, all day long.
  • To accept the praise and attention of those who love me.  Mother’s Day is the day to say, “Yes, I am doing an amazing job here, aren’t I?” I’d love it if you could give yourselves permission to do that, too my friends.

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What We’re Listening To: Family Time

Earlier this year I wrote about our family’s new music wish list for the year, and this month I’d like to present the first review from that list.  Since Simple Kids is talking about family relationships this month, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to review Family Time by Ziggy Marley.

I was initially intrigued by this album when hearing the song “Walk Tall,” a collaboration with Paul Simon, that’s simply fun & singable.  My three-year-old was singing along almost immediately to this simply repetitive tune about holding your head high and trying new things again.  While it’s fair to say that’s still probably our favorite song from the album, it’s definitely also representative of the collection as a whole—both fun & singable.

Reggae for the Family

Family Time is best described as reggae for the family, with a sweet collection of songs that have definite childlike overtones with “ABC” and “Ziggy Says” (his own musical taken on Simon Says) to songs that are equally enjoyable by a listener of any age such as “This Train,” “Take Me to Jamaica” and the title track “Family Time.”

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