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Practical Life Skills: Letting Your Young Children Help With Household Tasks

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“Can I help?” my two year old wants to know.  I’m folding laundry and, for a moment, I hesitate to say yes.  One the one hand, I think it is darling that she wants to help me. On the other hand, it is going to take much longer if she “helps” than if I just do the job myself. But, the benefits to both of us when I let her help me are too great to ignore.

All of my children have household tasks that they are responsible for, even if it means that things are done imperfectly or slowly.  In working alongside my children, I am forced to slow down and do my household work at a child’s pace. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I have found that teaching my children how to care for our home also helps me to keep my own attitude about these chores in check.  I am caring for my family home and teaching those skills to my children.

“The tasks we do with our young child by hand will be the ones they know by heart when they are grown.” – Sharifa Oppenheimer, Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

Ages and Stages

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