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Weekend Link Love

Yesterday my family and I visited the Indy Zoo. We fed giraffes some breakfast, raced a few cheetahs, watched a dolphin show, rode ponies, and got to see a demonstration on snakes (and a few of us were even brave enough to touch a snake).

Today we’re hoping to have a quiet day, hanging out in the backyard and getting in some swing-set time.  It is a sunny day here in Indiana.  I hope the sun is shining where you are, too.

Link Love:

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions on my post about our overdue library books.  You were very generous with your tips and I think that even those of us whose libraries aren’t yet utilizing an online reminder system can find some helpful advice in the comments.

It was nice to know we aren’t the only family prone to sky-high library fines (and sweet to see that we all agree libraries are a great resource to support!)

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! ~ Kara

Creating an easy rhythm and adding simple routines to your home.

Simple rhythm and routines |

P redictable rhythms are important for kids, giving them anchor points in their days and weeks. Odds are that you already have some sort of rhythm in your life. Even something as simple as bath time, pajamas, brushing teeth, story time is a bedtime routine that children can come to know and count on.

Perhaps you go to the library on Thursdays or you bake together on the weekends. Anything that you do on a regular basis is your routine.

Creating a family routine from scratch, adding new elements to an established routine, or altering schedules when life situations change can be a bit intimidating. Being consistent with your schedule helps establish rhythm, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Here are five tips to keep in mind when creating routines and establishing a rhythm in your home:

1. Keep it Simple

Pick one element to add in to your routine and work on getting that woven into your rhythm before you add another. Decide what your top priority is and focus only on that.

Maybe you want to start incorporating a crafting day into your week or a daily story time. Focus on blending that one addition into your schedule before you move on to adding in another layer.

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Overdue Books: Help Me Get My Family Off of The Library's "Most Wanted" List

The following is written by Simple Kids editor Kara Fleck.

This summer my family and I managed to rack up thirty four dollars in library fines.  Thirty four dollars! I”m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

On the one hand, at ten cents a day per book, that number represents a lot of summer reading but on the other, building up enormous library late fees isn”t exactly the lesson in responsibility that I want to teach my children.

Luckily for my wallet, our sweet small town librarian waved the fines. (Possibly because she knows that at $1 sheet, my laminating habit will ensure that they get their money one way or another).

This amnesty, while kind, doesn”t relieve my guilt.  I really need to do better about keeping track of the library materials we check out.

Bad Habits

I know that the main problem is our relaxed summer schedule. Unlike during the rest of the year, our summer library day has floated around from week to week to the point that no one knows when anything is due anymore.

“Was this a Thursday check out?  Or a Saturday check out?  Or what about that time we dashed in real quick to get some books for the car ride to the family reunion?”

It also doesn”t help that we check out a variety of materials, so our designated space for library books on the bookshelf isn”t working when some things (audio books, dvds, vhs tapes) travel to other parts of the house for their use. [Read more…]