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Parenting Resources: My Favorite Websites

The following was written by editor Kara Fleck.

On Mondays in September I’ve been sharing with you some of my favorite parenting resources.  I’ve shared with you the podcasts I listen to, the books on my bookshelf, and this week, to wind down the series, I’d like to share a few of my favorite websites for parents.

As I’m sure you can guess, blogging is a form of media near and dear to my heart.  Before I was the editor of Simple Kids, I was a huge fan of this blog as well as Simple Mom. I love editing and writing for this space, and I hope that shows.

As a blog reader, as well as a parent, I know that your time is precious. You’ve got important things to do.   It is an honor to me that you make Simple Kids a small part of your day.  Thank you!

I feel really blessed that I write with a group of people throughout Simple Living Media who I know are the real deal when it comes to their niche and content.  If I wasn’t a part of SLM, I would still be a reader.

In addition to the SLM blogs, I read quite a few other parenting blogs, though like you, I have to be selective about my time spent on the computer.  This is just a sample from the sites I read and enjoy; those that I feel are worth carving out some time for during my day.

The Parenting Passageway

The tag-line for The Parenting Passageway is “peaceful parenting in a hectic world.”  Carrie is a licensed physical therapist specializing in Neonatal Development and Feeding and Pediatric Physical Therapy. She writes about breastfeeding, gentle discipline, homeschooling, homemaking, and Waldorf education – and just about everything in between! [Read more…]