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Homemade Play Dough and Silly Putty: Easy Crafts for Busy Parents

The following is by contributor Christen Babb of Nurture Baby.

Are there certain times of the day when you are not able to give your children your undivided attention? I confess to having those times.  For example, times when I’m preparing dinner or nursing my six-month old son, I can’t have both eyes on my three year old.

The thought of dragging out the entire craft drawer to keep her company while I’m preparing dinner (read: disastrous kitchen table at 6 pm) makes me break out into hives, but giving in and turning on the television for a couple hours doesn’t make me feel good either.

So what’s a mom to do?

We’ve put together some easy recipes for homemade play dough and silly putty as a remedy for those “in-between” times.  These handcrafted, squishy globs will foster your toddler’s imagination, inspire creativity,  hold their attention, and here’s the kicker, do so with a minimal mess.

My three year old daughter can sit at the table and safely squish away while I’m preparing a meal for the family. She currently likes to make “pretend waffles for the whole family” as seen in photo above. [Read more…]