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Let’s Talk: Kids and Collections

On Wednesday, Rae Grant gave us some fun ideas for button crafts and collecting. Her post got me thinking about kids and collections and how it seems that at one time or another all kids go through a collecting phase. Some kids never grow out of that phase, and I know more than a few adults who can trace their current collection back to their childhoods.

My oldest daughter collects stamps and rocks (for those of you in central Indiana, our family highly recommends taking your little rockhounds on a trip to the Spencer Lapidary in Elwood).

My son began collecting pressed pennies during our travels this summer and he and his Daddy have been collecting die-cast cars together since Max was a toddler.

Other Kid Collectibles

  • trading cards
  • baseball hats
  • insects
  • keychains
  • stickers
  • shells
  • charm bracelets
  • music boxes
  • miniatures
  • marbles

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Little Acorn Learning September Afterschool Guide and Autumn Menu Winner

First, I want to thank everyone who entered. I had such a good time reading your favorite things about Autumn. And, thank you to Eileen of Little Acorn Learning for this fun giveaway!

Without any further ado, here is the winner of the September Afterschool Guide and Autumn Menu:

Lisa, Lisayoud@

“The crisp leaves crunching underfoot, the gorgeous, colorful trees and the apple orchard.  Fall is my favorite season”

Congratulations, Lisa! Check your email for further details.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Buttons, Buttons

The following is by Crafts contributor Rae Grant.

We all know our kids are really part chipmunk up until a certain age, so why not tap into that tendency to collect and create an heirloom button collection?

Buttons are some of the cutest DIY craft items a family can have around. When you get your kids involved with buttons, they will find that sewing it to a piece of fabric isn’t the only way to use these handy, colorful objects. Buttons can also be used for a number of craft projects outside their current purpose, which is to latch up a buttonhole.

Buttons are as old as modern civilization and were first used as seals, stamps, and ornaments long before they took their place with the buttonhole. So, pull out the clay and start stamping some fascinating patterns.

Let your kids start their very own collection, something they can create and keep during their childhood. Most families have a few buttons around, and of course, the craftiest of families probably have buckets around. Buttons are easy to find and easy to store.

Here are a few tips for getting your kids (and maybe yourself) into buttons: [Read more…]