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Weather Activities for Kids: Rain or Shine (guest post at Simple Homeschool)

I’m over at Simple Homeschool today sharing some Weather Activities for Kids: Rain or Shine.  I hope you’ll come over, read the article, and let me know how the weather is for you today! – Kara

At this time of year,  the weather seems to change almost daily.  This fluctuation makes weather watching especially fun. Every day there is something new to discover!

Observing the Weather

As long as the conditions are safe to be outside, the kids and I try to be outdoors at least once a day.  Sun, rain, or snow, our main method of weather observation is getting out there and experiencing it!

While we’re outside, I am encouraging the kids to think about what we are experiencing with our senses and giving them some gentle prompting to make observations on their own.

Some Questions to Ask:

  • What does it LOOK like outside?
  • What does the air FEEL like on your skin?
  • What doe we HEAR?
  • What does it SMELL like?
  • What should we WEAR on a day like today?

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