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Weekend Giveaway: Back 40 Life

Welcome to a Simple Kids Weekend Giveaway!  This week we are featuring Back 40 Life.

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Back 40 Life

Back 40 Life is a beautiful store full of handcrafted signs and wall decals. Shop owner Jodi’s dream of Back 40 Life began as a desire for “…a slower pace that celebrated the simplicity of life and found enjoyment in the everyday.”

I can certainly relate to that!

I have fallen in love with so many of the items from Back 40 Life’s selection.  My favorite is the wall decal saying “The best things in life aren’t things.”  And, how neat is this countdown decal?

You can learn more about Jodi and Back 40 Life at the shop’s website and on their Etsy shop profile.

I’m so excited to tell you that Jodi has offered a $100 Gift Certificate to Back 40 Life for one lucky Simple Kids reader!

How To Win

One reader will win a $100 Gift Certificate to Back 40 Life.  To win, simply leave a comment on this post.

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Four Tips for Navigating the Holidays as a Single Parent

The following post was written by Jaimie.   Jaimie is a single, work-at-home mom to a toddler and preschooler who blogs about her adventures in creating a simple, creative, sustainable life for her family at Two Chicks and a Hen.

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about how to maximize enjoyment while minimizing stress.  Here are four simple ways to keep things running smoothly and maintain peace as a single parent during this season:

1. Keep Some Old Traditions; Start Some New Ones

This is especially valuable during the first few holiday seasons as a single-parent household. With ritual and continuity being so comforting for children (and, let’s face it, adults too), it’s important to repeat some of the traditions you had as a family before you began life as a single parent. Your family may not look exactly the same, but small children will value, for example, making the trip to the same Christmas tree farm you’ve always visited to chop down your tree.

Children might remember and think about previous years when the other parent was present, and this is fine. Moments like these may bring some amount of discomfort for you, but it’s nice for your children to be able to verbalize their feelings about the changes in the family. Engaging in pre-divorce traditions helps reinforce the idea that, while some things have changed, the core of who you are as a family still remains.

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Advent Activities

a SIMPLE Holiday: sharing our traditions | SimpleKids.netHi there! Looking for our Advent post? It’s been fully updated and you can now find the most recent version of Advent ideas here: