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Looking Back: Reader Favorites 2010

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, Megan started a tradition of listing Simple Kids readers’ favorite posts from the past year.  I wanted to honor this tradition by taking a look back at some of your favorites (and mine) from 2010.

It has been a wonderful year, and I thank you all, on behalf of the entire Simple Kids team, for being a part of it!

Without any further ado ….

Top Five Reader Favorite Posts

  1. 5 Tips for Creating Routines and Establishing Rhythm in Your Home (March)
  2. Head of the Class: Eco-Friendly Lunches for a Smarter Planet (by contributor Mariah Bruehl, February)
  3. Teaching Children How to Handle Their Emotions: As Simple As PIE (guest post by Angelica Perez-Litwin of Modern Familia, August)
  4. Handmade Gifts for Kids: Tutorials and Ideas from My Holiday To Do List (December)
  5. Rhythm in Action: Real Family Routines for Morning, Meals, and Evenings (March)

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