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Learning to Set the Table: Homemade Placemats

The following is by contributor Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning.

Children love to be involved in holiday preparations and decorating. This enthusiasm creates a wonderful entry point for teaching children how to set the table.

One way to make setting the table fun for everyone involved is to make placemats that can help guide your child through the process. They are very simple to make and will add a personal touch to your family meals.

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Weekend Links

Today, I’m celebrating my birthday.  Yes, I’m a December baby.  There is snow in the forecast for tonight. I’ve heard there is cheesecake in my future and the kids and Chris have been doing a lot of whispering about dinner plans.

I’m a very lucky mama.

I hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend, my friends!

What are you up to with your kids today?

Meet Jaimie: Our Single Parenting Contributor

The following is by contributor Jaimie of Two Chicks and a Hen.

Two years ago, when I was a relatively new stay-at-home mom, I googled “stay at home mom routines.”  I had been working outside of the home since high school. For the first time, upon the birth of my second daughter, my work took place inside the home, and I needed some help adjusting and getting organized. It was at this time that I found Simple Mom, and I found Tsh’s advice really helpful.  I started reading other mom blogs and really identified with a lot of what I was reading.

Fast forward to September 2009: I became a single mom.  I still needed and valued the ideas and inspiration the parenting blogs offered, but it was at this time, and not a moment sooner, that I started to notice something: the vast majority of the parenting media is aimed at married mothers and two-parent households. And this is fine if you live in a two-parent household.  Advice and ideas for those homes is valuable and necessary.

But what about the rest of us?

Solutions like “to encourage night-weaning, send your husband in when your toddler wakes” are only helpful when there is another parent in the home.  And after awhile, you either learn to tune this out, or you start to feel alienated.  If you’re a single mom reading this, what I’m telling you right now is not news.  You’ve no doubt read lots and lots of suggestions that you under no circumstances could actually use.
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