Meet The 2011 Simple Kids Contributors

I can hardly believe it has been a year that I’ve had the privilege of editing for Simple Kids. Thank you!

Simple living is a very personal thing.  I know I don’t have to tell you that parenting is, as well.  What life looks like at my house probably doesn’t look exactly like life at your house. My choices aren’t always going to be your choices, my family situation might not resemble your family situation, and vice versa.  There is no one-size fits all.

For that reason, I feel that an important part of my job as editor of Simple Kids is to hand-pick contributors for the site who can expand the base of information that is offered here.

I’m honored to work with writers from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of experiences, expertise, and perspectives that I believe blend together to form a well-rounded blog.

Every post may not resonate with every reader, but my sincere hope is that you will be able to find resources and voices here at Simple Kids that inspire you, help you, and encourage you – no matter your individual definition of simplicity or of family.

There are familiar names and faces and we’re welcoming some new contributors this year, as well.  I’m pleased to introduce readers to:

The Simple Kids Contributors

Amy Anderson

At her blog, Let’s Explore, Amy shares her family’s experiences creating, imagining, and playing together. Amy is a mother of two.  You can read about her family’s homeschooling journey at Early Bird Homeschool.  You can read more of Amy’s articles for Simple Kids here.

Christen Babb

Christen Babb is founder of NurtureBaby, a website dedicated to inform, inspire, and encourage busy parents to make wholesome homemade baby food.  She is blessed to experience life alongside her best friend and husband of eight years and is a mommy of two. Faith and family will always come first to Christen as she tries to balance her way through this crazy, yet wildly fulfilling life. Readers can find more of Christen’s work here.

Jennifer Brown

Our Music Reviewer, Jennifer, is a stay at home mom to a energetic, fun loving 3 year old boy and a second wiggly boy who joined their family last spring. She fancies finding music that connects her to the past & keeps her grounded in the present, and can often be found dancing the 5 pm (and most recently 2 am) hour away in her living room.  You can read Jennifer’s reviews here.

Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown blogs over at I Never Grew Up and is one of the owners of the Utah blogger review site Sassy Scoops. She has two little girls, 3 and 4, two old dogs, and one celebrity dog trainer husband and loves living in Salt Lake City.  Readers can find Vanessa’s Simple Kids articles here.

Mariah Bruehl

Mariah is the mother of two creative daughters, wife to an incredibly supportive husband and an educator at heart. You can find more ideas and resources for family friendly learning experiences over at her website, Playful Learning. Readers can find more of Mariah’s Simple Kids articles here.  Mariah also has a Playful Learning Spaces e-course, which will begin February 9th.

Emily Carter

Emily is an Early Childhood Teacher, wife, and mother. She spends her time teaching, learning Spanish, reading, and relaxing with her sweet little family. At The Pilot’s Wife, Emily blogs about flying, building their hangar-home, mommy-hacks, faith, and wrangling a 130 lb dog.  You can find more of Emily’s articles here.

Jaimie Franchi

Jaimie writes about creating a simple, creative, sustainable life with children.  An American ex-pat, she has lived in Michigan, Georgia, and California, and she now makes her home in Montreal.  As a single parent, she spends her time being messy and crafty with her two daughters, working to build her freelance editing and writing career, and trying to find ways to avoid cleaning her house.  She blogs about their adventures at Two Chicks and a Hen. You can read more of Jaimie’s writing for Simple Kids here.

Rae Grant

Rae Grant is the author and book designer of the popular vintage-modern children’s activities books Crafting Fun and Cooking Fun. Her third book, Homemade Fun: 101 Crafts and Activities to Do With Kids was released in June 2010. Rae lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter, and their family cat Blue. You can read more of Rae’s At the Craft Table articles here.

Amanda Morgan

Amanda is a full time mom to three busy boys and a part-time trainer and consultant for a non-profit children’s organization. She also writes at Not Just Cute, a blog full of ideas that are more than just cute, for preschoolers who are much more than cute too.  She is the author of Parenting With Positive Guidance.  You can read more of her work here.

NJ Renie

NJ Renie is a homemaker, beekeeper, and writer. He is a child of the back-to-the-land movement and lives in the Big City with his wife and daughter.  You can read more of his work here at Simple Kids and also at Simple Organic.

Catherine Way

Catherine is mum to 2 boys, living in North Australia. They read lots, run lots, love to learn new things and are good at finding fun and mischief. Catherine blogs about her family adventures at Adventures With Kids. You can read more of Catherine’s articles here.

Robin Zipporah

Robin has two daughters, a son, a lovely husband who works many more than full-time hours and a full-time career of her own in government in the suburbs of Washington, DC. You can always read more about Robin’s parenting philosophies and her family’s antics and adventures at her personal blog: The Not-Ever-Still Life. Robin also writes the Storytelling Day feature.  You can read Robin’s stories and articles here.

What a fantastic group!  I’m a very lucky editor to be able to work with this group of writers.  I thank them all for contributing to Simple Kids and for all that they share.

How can Simple Kids serve you in 2011? What kinds of topics would you like to see covered here?

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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