2011 Reader Favorites

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

Two years ago, on New Year’s Eve, Megan started a tradition of listing Simple Kids readers’ favorite posts from the past year.  I really like that tradition, so every year I honor it by taking a look back and showcasing readers favorites.

2011 has been a wonderful year, and I thank you all, on behalf of the entire Simple Kids team, for being a part of it!

Without any further ado ….

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Play With Light this New Year’s Eve

The following is by contributor Catherine Way of Adventures With Kids.

New Year’s Eve is one night of the year when my children usually stay up long after dark.  We give them glowsticks, torches and sparklers.  As I watch them playing happily for hours with these simple, inexpensive toys, I am always reminded of how the simple things in life are often the most enjoyable.

If you give them torches or glowsticks on New Year’s Eve your children will undoubtedly come up with many wonderful ways to play, but to get them started here are some fun activities to try with torch or glowstick light. [Read more…]

6 Simple Ways to Welcome Winter

The following post is by contributor Amy Anderson. It originally appeared in 2010.
Is it already feeling like winter where you are? We have been enjoying some night walks around our neighborhood in the brisk, damp air. I’m enjoying bundling up in my scarf and gloves, followed by something warm to drink on our return.

As of December 21, it is officially be winter. On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere has its “shortest day” or least amount of sunlight. Traditionally, it is celebrated as the promise of light, warmth and the return of spring.

Here are 6 simple, peaceful ways to welcome winter with your kids. Whether you are hustling and bustling this time of year, or keeping it mellow, I hope you and your kiddos will enjoy a few moments connecting with nature and the changing seasons. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

Before I unplug for the holiday weekend, I wanted to wish all of our Simple Kids readers a very happy holiday!

We’re looking forward to celebrating a quiet Christmas weekend, gathering family together for a slow weekend.  Really, it is the simplest things that bring the most joy.

Indeed, the Fleck family has a lot to be joyful about this year.

The Flecks:  Kara, Amelia, Lucy, Max, Jillian, and Christopher

I hope that you and your kids are having a season of joy and happiness!

I know that for some of you 2011 has been an especially challenging year.  This time of year it can get easy to feel overwhelmed, even under normal circumstances.  My hope is that you can find some peace during these last days of the year and that the new year holds a bright future for you and your family.

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Simple Activities for Excited Kids

As Christmas gets closer, the rising level of excitement becomes almost palpable in our house. That means I need to plan a few activities to give all that energy somewhere to go! I certainly don’t want to spend more time finding supplies or preparing the activity than my children will spend engaged in it. Here are a few ideas for keeping anxious hands busy using simple supplies you may already have in stock.

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