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The Secret Languages of Families

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed my toddler for my Rockin’ Granola blog.  Lucy has recently had a language explosion and with that has come all of the charming mispronunciations and adorable “toddler speak” that go along with being a bubbly two year old.

The post sparked a few comments from other parents about their children’s mispronunciations as toddlers and how some of those phrases have worked their way into the fabric of the family language.

The more families I talk to, I find that, more often than not, each one has their own set of code words, mispronunciations, and inside jokes that are specific to their family.

It is always interesting to me to find out where these words and phrases come from and how they have evolved within each family.

Mispronunciations: Who is Influencing Whom?

We’re probably all familiar with those baby phrases and cute toddler mispronunciations.  It seems that inevitably, a few of those phrases and words stick with a family and we all end up adopting the child’s way of saying certain things – sometimes even long past toddlerhood.

Though of course,  I do endeavor to teach my children the proper way to pronounce words, inevitably I will catch myself asking the kids if they want an “abocado” (avocado) or “bumpa chips” (taco chips).  Sometimes I wonder who is influencing whom!

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