Let’s Talk: What’s for Lunch?

We’re all feeling a little under the weather at the Fleck house, so I thought I would give myself a blogging break and open up the comments for discussion today. – Kara

Last week, I mentioned my family’s goals for the new year, including our goal of breaking out of our food rut and trying new ingredients and recipes.

Lunchtime Blues

In the comments to that post, a few readers admitted that they seem to have fallen into a food rut as well, singling out lunchtime specifically as a meal that can be difficult to bring new inspirations and fresh tastes to the table.

Peanut butter and jelly, anyone?

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Weekend Links

Winter Fun: Put Together a Snowman Kit

The following was written by editor Kara Fleck.

Thanks to a snowy winter so far, this has been the season of the snowman at the Fleck house.  Not every snowfall has produced ideal snowman making conditions, but when that special “packing” snow hits, it is a safe bet that the kids and I will be outside creating.

It has become a tradition that orphaned mittens and gloves and outgrown hats become part of our family’s Snowman Kit: a collection of props that are dedicated to snow people creations.  My kids will tell you that extra large colored buttons are essential components of the snowman kit, too.

With our kit, the addition of some sticks for arms, and the fresh snow outside, we’re all set for snowman building fun!

Here are some ideas for putting together your own snowman kit:
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Frugal Family Fun

The following is by contributor Catherine Way of Adventures With Kids.

My family has had a hard time financially in the past year.  My husband started his own business and we had to cut costs in many areas.  But we found that there are plenty of ways to have fun as a family without spending a lot of money.

Here are some frugal ways for your family to enjoy time together at home or out and about.

Stay at Home Fun

Staying at home and making your own fun will always be cheaper than going out.  There is less temptation to spend money on food or other treats and there are no travel costs when you stay home.

  • Cook together.  Some foods that offer a fun eating experience and easily lend themselves to lots of helping hands are pizza, pasta, sushi or spring rolls.
  • Have a movie night. To make it more exciting make some tickets and sell them at the box office.  Create a theatre atmosphere by dimming the lights.  Appoint an usher to escort people to their seats.  Serve popcorn in individual paper cones.   Simple Mom has some suggestions for family friendly movies.
  • Hold a game night.  Play with just your family or invite some other families to join the fun.  Choose from card games, parlour games, sports or board games.  Family Education has a page dedicated to fun games for the whole family.
  • Write, film and edit a movie starring your family or if you don’t have a movie camera, write a short story and take photos to create a personalised book.
  • Camp out in backyard.  This can be as simple as taking some blankets and cushions out, making some hot chocolate and stargazing before heading off to bed.  Or you can pitch your tent, get out the bbq or fire pit and spend the night in your backyard.

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Our Family’s 3 Goals for the New Year

The following was written by editor Kara Fleck.

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, my husband Chris and I have been talking about things we’d like to see our family do in 2011.  We’ve got a small list of goals we’d like work toward as a family.

I thought it might be fun to share our list with you and see what Simple Kids readers are hoping for their own families in the new year.

Here are our family’s 3 goals for the New Year:

1. Become Local Tourists

I’d like to see us take better advantage of the local resources available to us.  We’re on a tight budget this year, so that will limit our travels out of state, but there is no reason that we can’t become tourists in our local area.

We’re making a list of local things to do and places to visit. I hope to explore our local geography and history in the coming year and do more exploring of landmarks and research the history of our small town and learn more about our home state, too.

We’re hoping we discover some local businesses that give tours, too so that we can learn more about our local area’s economy.

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