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Simply Silly: Kid-Approved Puns, Knock-Knock Jokes, and Tongue Twisters

The following post was originally published in February 2010. I’d love to know:  what is making you and your kids laugh this week?

“Mommy, why did the chicken cross the road?” my son Max sets up the joke, a huge grin on his face. Then, with the kind of humor that makes sense only to three year olds, he delivers his punch line, “because he wants a cookie!”

Wait. What?

At our house we’re used to the fact that Max’s jokes don’t make sense to the rest of us. (In this case, it probably means that he wants a cookie).  Max doesn’t care whether or not his jokes make sense, he just wants to laugh and he wants us to giggle along with him. And, it doesn’t take much to make Max laugh. Nonsensical knock-knock jokes and silly words like ooga-booga or even kiwi are belly-laugh material.

Not only is my son discovering the things that he finds funny, but he has discovered that he has the ability to make other people laugh, too. Those knock-knock jokes and silly exclamations show that he has learned a new way to communicate with us: though humor.
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