Meet The 2011 Simple Kids Contributors

I can hardly believe it has been a year that I’ve had the privilege of editing for Simple Kids. Thank you!

Simple living is a very personal thing.  I know I don’t have to tell you that parenting is, as well.  What life looks like at my house probably doesn’t look exactly like life at your house. My choices aren’t always going to be your choices, my family situation might not resemble your family situation, and vice versa.  There is no one-size fits all.

For that reason, I feel that an important part of my job as editor of Simple Kids is to hand-pick contributors for the site who can expand the base of information that is offered here.

I’m honored to work with writers from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of experiences, expertise, and perspectives that I believe blend together to form a well-rounded blog.

Every post may not resonate with every reader, but my sincere hope is that you will be able to find resources and voices here at Simple Kids that inspire you, help you, and encourage you – no matter your individual definition of simplicity or of family.

There are familiar names and faces and we’re welcoming some new contributors this year, as well.  I’m pleased to introduce readers to:

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Storytelling Day: The True Story of Groundhog Day

The following story is by contributor Robin Zipporah of The Not Ever Still Life.

You know when spring begins because of your calendar and the weatherman on the television and the app on your mom’s phone, but a long, long time ago, everyone had to wait for the daffodils.

People don’t always notice the workings of nature. They go to work and go to school and go to soccer practice, or the coffee shop. They carry in their groceries and carry out their recycling and always passing over the curb, but never really looking at it, they don’t see the underground efforts to bring the burst of yellow forth.

It’s just, “Look! The daffodils are up!” and spring is here.

But you and I know: that’s not the whole story, is it?

The real story of Groundhog Day occurred a long, long time ago. It began with Philbert the Groundhog, and, of course, it began while he was sleeping.

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