Storytelling Day: The True Story of Groundhog Day

The following story is by contributor Robin Zipporah of The Not Ever Still Life.

You know when spring begins because of your calendar and the weatherman on the television and the app on your mom’s phone, but a long, long time ago, everyone had to wait for the daffodils.

People don’t always notice the workings of nature. They go to work and go to school and go to soccer practice, or the coffee shop. They carry in their groceries and carry out their recycling and always passing over the curb, but never really looking at it, they don’t see the underground efforts to bring the burst of yellow forth.

It’s just, “Look! The daffodils are up!” and spring is here.

But you and I know: that’s not the whole story, is it?

The real story of Groundhog Day occurred a long, long time ago. It began with Philbert the Groundhog, and, of course, it began while he was sleeping.

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