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Reader Advice: What Works for You

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

Over the past month, we’ve been talking about rhythms and routines here at Simple Kids.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and been able to take some things away from it that will help enrich the lives of you and your kids.

I know I have personally benefited from the wise words left in the comments.  I thought I would highlight some of that advice here today, so that others can benefit from the ideas and thoughts shared, too.

On Tooth Brushing

At the beginning of the month, contributor Vanessa Brown wrote about tooth brushing and shared some tips for developing  a routine.  Reader Alicia had some good tips for ending toothbrushing battles, too.

I liked Tammy’s suggestion in the comments for keeping two sets of tooth brushes: “We have two sets of toothbrushes/paste for my girls, so that after breakfast they can brush their teeth downstairs in the bathroom next to the kitchen. The evening brushing happens upstairs after bathtime. Its just easier than going up and down the stairs.”

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