One-to-One Bonding in the Land of the Working Parents

The following is by one of our new contributors, NJ Renie. Welcome to Simple Kids, NJ!

Most of the best workers are also deft managers of their schedules. Employers love those of us capable of staying on task and committed to the priorities of the company. Of course, often those same work habits start to rob us of that family bond which constitutes the reason why most of us are working in the first place.

Sure we make it a point to eat, worship, and play together as a family, but what about the really good stuff –that one-on-one personal bond –how can we get that and still remain employed?

Well, rather than fighting you and your partner’s busy work schedules, why not start penciling your bonding time into them?
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20 Small Steps Toward an Easier Day – Fifteen Minutes at a Time

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

I hope you have been enjoying our month long theme of rhythm and routines as much as I have.  The discussions and questions that have come up in the comments have been very thought-provoking.  I thank you for your feedback, especially the way you’ve been responding to each other.

Before we delve into this topic further, I want to remind readers that there is no “one size fits all.”  What is one family’s simple solution might be another family’s complication.  Life at your home doesn’t look exactly like life at my home, or the Simple Kids contributor’s homes, or your neighbor’s home, or even your sister’s.

Your routine must reflect your own family’s individual circumstances and season of life in order to best serve you.

I hope by sharing examples from our lives of what works – and doesn’t work – for us, that the contributors and I are inspiring you and giving you some ideas that you can take and apply to your own lives.

My goal is to get you thinking about ways you can make things easier for yourselves and help life flow smoother for your families.

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Weekend Links: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

And a few St. Patrick’s day inspired links …

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!

Weekend Giveaway: AboutOne Subscription

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Rhythms and Routines: the Flow of the Week

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

On Monday I shared some thoughts about daily rhythm and routines and gave you an outline of our family’s rhythm.  Today I’m going to talk with you about weekly rhythm and routines and share my family’s general weekly schedule.

Just like daily routines vary from family to family, weekly routines are also very personal.  What is practical and works for one family may not apply to another.

I’ve heard from some parents that it is actually less daunting to begin incorporating rhythm and routines on a weekly basis, rather than a daily basis.  Whatever works for your family and is the best fit for YOU is the way to go, in my book.

Weekly Anchor Points

I  have found that it helps the flow of my family’s life if our weeks have anchor points, just as in our daily rhythm.

For example, I try to run all of our errands and schedule all of our appointments on the same day of the week.   Having a regular library day helps us keep overdue books to a minimum and having a set appointment day helps with overseeing the many different care providers for a family of five.  Knowing what day of the week I’m doing the grocery shopping aids in menu planning, too.

I want to share with you two key components of my family’s weekly routine. Keep in mind that we are a family of five with one parent working outside the home, one parent working from the home (and thus with the kids during the day).  Our kids are nine, four, and two and we also homeschool.

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