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Spring Cleaning Children’s Spaces: Simple Stategies for Tackling the Toys

If you’ve been following along with Simple Mom’s Project Simplify, then you know that this week Tsh has had us working on our kids’ closets and toys. All three of my children are out-growing things, and we’re preparing to welcome our new baby at the end of this Summer, so this has been perfect timing for us.  I’m not quite finished with all of the children’s clothes, but I’ll be finishing up today and then it is on to the playthings. I thought it would be good re re-post this article from April 2010 on kids spaces and some strategies for tackling the kids toys. Happy Spring Cleaning! – Kara

Spring!  The time of fresh starts, new beginnings, growth.  Time, after a long Winter, to clear out the cobwebs, throw open the windows to let in fresh breezes … and time to clean.

As a parent, I can tell when it is time to clean up and declutter the play areas by the fact that my children stop playing there and start taking their toys to other parts of our home to play. It is as if the chaos is too overwhelming to them and they are seeking out simpler spaces to play in.

When I clean out the play spaces, they enjoy playing there and I notice that their play becomes calmer and more peaceful, too.

But, when it comes to toys, especially downsizing toys, there are often some deep emotions involved.  How does a parent know where to start?  What do we get rid of?  What do we keep?   And what can we do to keep that toy chaos from returning?

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