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Creating Realistic Routines for Your Family

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

All this month we’ve been discussing rhythm and routines here at Simple Kids. Creating a family routine from scratch, adding new elements to an established routine, or altering schedules when life situations change can be a bit intimidating for some of us.

As I hope the  contributors and I have stressed so far, there are very few universal factors when creating family rhythm and routines.  We are each unique and our families are unique.

Our needs are not all the same and our circumstances are not all the same.  What is one person’s simple solution might be another one’s complication.

When it comes to creating family routines, the best advice I can give you can be summed up like this:  be realistic, make them personal, and be yourself.

Personalized for Your Family

Many of my own early attempts at creating routines for my family were doomed from the beginning.  This was because I was trying to copy the beautiful weekly and daily routines on the blogs I was reading and of other families that I knew.

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Weekend Links

The first crocus appeared in our yard this week.  I’m hopeful this means that the long Winter is officially over and Spring is here.  The first crocus bloom is a pretty joyful occasion around here.

Wherever your are, whatever you are up to with your kids this weekend, I hope you are enjoying happiness and joy, too.

One-to-One Bonding in the Land of the Working Parents

The following is by one of our new contributors, NJ Renie. Welcome to Simple Kids, NJ!

Most of the best workers are also deft managers of their schedules. Employers love those of us capable of staying on task and committed to the priorities of the company. Of course, often those same work habits start to rob us of that family bond which constitutes the reason why most of us are working in the first place.

Sure we make it a point to eat, worship, and play together as a family, but what about the really good stuff –that one-on-one personal bond –how can we get that and still remain employed?

Well, rather than fighting you and your partner’s busy work schedules, why not start penciling your bonding time into them?
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