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Simple Elements for Backyard Fun – Even Without the Backyard

Kids need spaces for playing and exploring.  A backyard can become a pretend jungle for your young wild things, a field for soccer or baseball games, or even a three ring circus.  It is a great place for running races or games of freeze tag. Backyards are places to make messes, release energy, and engage in sensory play.

But, what if you don’t have a backyard? How can you give your kids those experiences?

Even with a limited space and resources, one can recreate some of the elements of backyard play, even without the backyard, by adapting them to the space and resources that you do have.

A Place to Splash

I grew up along the banks of a river and my grandparents had a swimming pool. We have a small kiddie pool set up in our backyard now, and my kids (and the dog) all like to run through the sprinkler, too.

But not every child grows up in a place with those opportunities for playing in the water.

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