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Simple Elements for Backyard Fun – Even Without the Backyard

Kids need spaces for playing and exploring.  A backyard can become a pretend jungle for your young wild things, a field for soccer or baseball games, or even a three ring circus.  It is a great place for running races or games of freeze tag. Backyards are places to make messes, release energy, and engage in sensory play.

But, what if you don’t have a backyard? How can you give your kids those experiences?

Even with a limited space and resources, one can recreate some of the elements of backyard play, even without the backyard, by adapting them to the space and resources that you do have.

A Place to Splash

I grew up along the banks of a river and my grandparents had a swimming pool. We have a small kiddie pool set up in our backyard now, and my kids (and the dog) all like to run through the sprinkler, too.

But not every child grows up in a place with those opportunities for playing in the water.

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Have you heard the Buzz Buzz? Laurie Berkner, Kindiefest, and more!

The following is by music reviewer Jennifer Brown.

Have you heard the Buzz Buzz? I pulled Laurie Berkner’s Buzz Buzz up on my iPod for this month’s review because the title just sounded like spring.

We first checked Laurie’s music out on a recommendation from a friend who found her music to have good inspiration to get up and dance, wiggle and shake your bad preschooler & preschool parent self around.  I have to agree some of the tracks on this album really do make us want to dance.

And if the children in your house have a flair for acting—there are some great songs on this album for moving in “tune” with the words.  Songs like “The Pretzel Store,” “Telephone,” and “Popcorn Calling Me” just lend themselves to natural movement.

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Queen for a Day Giveaway 2011

This giveaway is now closed — head here to see if you”re the winner!

Welcome to Simple Living Media”s Queen for a Day Giveaway! Today, across the network we’ve got five giveaways full of treats to celebrate the mom in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day on May 8.

I heard a speaker recently who said that if you asked a mom what her guilty pleasure was she would probably answer you with something that was beneficial and contributed to her well-being like taking long walks, a night out, or ordering take out pizza after a busy day.  In other words, the things moms feel guilt about they shouldn”t and they don”t often pamper themselves.

While I don”t want moms feeling guilty, that collective self-sacrificing instinct is one of the many things about moms that I admire.  We”re a great group, aren”t we?

Because moms are so great and self-sacrificing, the editors of Simple Living Media wanted to do something to say thanks for all that they do.

We contacted some of our favorite etsy shops, stores, and other vendors and they agreed:  moms are worth pampering and we should do something special and fun just for them, so …. we”re having a giveaway!

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