How to Involve Your Children in Planning Your Camping Trip

The following is a guest post by Stephanie Trementozzi of Always Outdoors.  I’m so pleased to welcome Stephanie, who is sharing her expertise on camping and the outdoors with us. I thought her submission was perfect timing for Earth Day and for those of you who have been observing Screen Free Week with your kids. Enjoy! – Kara

In our busy world today, our children experience many different activities, such as sports, dance, after school clubs and all kinds of lessons.  These are great for the individual, but they don’t do much to “bond” the family together.  That is why a family camping trip is perfect for bringing parents and children together in a common goal and activity.

Preparation is key to guaranteeing a successful camping trip.  Preparation falls into three main categories:  planning the trip, getting there, and campground activities.

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Screen Free Week Check-in: How is it going for your family?

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

We are half of the way through Screen Free Week (formerly known as TV Turn Off week).  So, it is time for a mid-week check in to see how things are going for everyone.

Did you decide to go completely screen free? (If so, I bet you aren’t even reading this)

Are you TV free and limiting other screens? That is what we’re doing:  we have switched off the television for the week and are limiting other screens like the computer and cell phones for adults, and the kids are completely screen free.

My kids don’t actually spend much time on the later two normally,  but my husband and I both admittedly needed a “diet” from the computer and phone screens.

I had been setting a timer for myself and limiting the amount of time I spend working on blogging tasks and on the computer.  I have been pleased to see just how much I can get done when a) I know I have a time limit and specific tasks to focus on and b) when I don’t browse Facebook or wander from site to site.  A screen diet has been good for me.

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Giveaway: 3 Pandas Planting by Megan Halsey – Two Winners!

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

I am so pleased to share  a fun giveaway with you today!   Just in time for Earth Day and Screen Free Week, we’ve been given a copy of newly re-released book Megan Halsey‘s newly re-released book 3 Panda’s Planting.

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!

This book is a new addition to our Earth Day book basket and a happy, cheerfully illustrated lesson for preschool through early elementary kids that shows conservation in action.

All three of my kids, from age two to age nine, have been enjoying this fun book and, as a parent,  I’ve been enjoying that it helps broach a serious topic in a lighthearted way.

My oldest and I have had some great discussions about what being a good steward of our planet means and even the two and four year olds are picking up on the book’s simple message about caring for the earth.

3 Pandas Planting has been a good way to open the door on conservation talks, and also given us some ideas for turning those discussions into actions that we can take as a family.
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