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How to Involve Your Children in Planning Your Camping Trip

The following is a guest post by Stephanie Trementozzi of Always Outdoors.  I’m so pleased to welcome Stephanie, who is sharing her expertise on camping and the outdoors with us. I thought her submission was perfect timing for Earth Day and for those of you who have been observing Screen Free Week with your kids. Enjoy! – Kara

In our busy world today, our children experience many different activities, such as sports, dance, after school clubs and all kinds of lessons.  These are great for the individual, but they don’t do much to “bond” the family together.  That is why a family camping trip is perfect for bringing parents and children together in a common goal and activity.

Preparation is key to guaranteeing a successful camping trip.  Preparation falls into three main categories:  planning the trip, getting there, and campground activities.

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