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Caring for Kids’ Spaces: Rotating Books and Toys and Knowing When to Downsize

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

In April, I have been sharing with you some ways that I care for my children’s things.  Today, I want to talk with you about books and toys: namely, our rotation system for both.

We rotate books and toys because I feel like rotating allows us to have  less toys but enjoy them more.

What This Looks Like at Our House

Rotating Books

We have books that we rotate seasonally.  We also have books that we rotate according to our homeschool themes.  We have books for specific holidays, too.

I keep these books in baskets and I rotate them on a frequent basis. The baskets are in our loft/playroom and on our living room coffee table and in a few other kid-accessible spots.

I also have a small basket that I use to rotate board books from our collection for Lucy, my two year old.  I put two or three books at a time in there for her and she knows that is her basket.

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