Winner of the Through the Lens ecourse Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered last week”s giveaway. I”m so pleased to announce that the winner of the Through The Lens ecourse from Playful Learning is:

Gretchen of The Wright Stuff for Us

“My eleven year old received a camera for her birthday! This would be perfect! We”re in!!”

Congratulations! Check your email for further details.

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared your comments about children and photography.  If you”re interested in learning more about the Through the Lens ecourse, head on over to .

Resources for Planning Summertime Fun

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

Summer is looming large before us, spread out as a season of possibilities with our kids.  Ironically, this seven months pregnant mama’s belly is also looming large before her, so I’ve decided to take as much help from others as I can when planning our Summer fun this year.

Today I’ll be sharing a few of the resources and ideas for Summertime that I’ve compiled so far, and then I will open up the comments so that we can share more Summer Fun ideas with each other.

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Weekend Links

Also, Simple Homeschool contributor and Life As Mom blogger Jessica is having a Birthday Sale! From now until June 1, you can use the code 39BDAY on all purchases of $4 or more and get $2 off of your purchase. This includes her fabulous Summer Survival Guide (after the coupon code, it would be less than 50 cents a week for 16 weeks of pre-planned activities for kids).

Don”t forget about the Through the Lens ecourse giveaway!  It runs until midnight EST Monday, May 30th so you”ve still got time to enter.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

3 Strategies for Dealing With Criticism

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

Last week I wrote about the three types of friends I think every parent should have.  I know that having people in my life who don’t pass judgement on my parenting choices is very important to me.  In fact, in today’s critical world, it is crucial to have a support system.

Not everyone will be supportive of us, however.  Parents especially seem to invite scrutiny from others.  Everyone has an opinion on how children should be raised and some of us find ourselves getting advice (and lectures) practically from the moment we announce that we’re starting a family.

Encounters with those who make us feel like our lives are under their microscope can be emotionally exhausting, to say the least. Then, there are those who take it a step further and openly criticize our parenting.

  • Fact #1: We aren’t going to be able to please everyone.
  • Fact #2: There are those who want to make sure we know that!

Normally, I am my own worst critic, but there are a few people that I cross paths with in life whom I suspect are trying for that title. Perhaps you’ve got someone in your life like that, too?

Now, I don’t always handle criticism perfectly.  However, I am much better at handling criticism than I was, especially as a new parent.

I’ve learned some coping techniques over the years and picked up some things from parents wiser than I.  I want to share a few of those with you today, in case you find yourself struggling with criticism.

Here are three strategies for dealing with criticism that work for me:

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Creative Photography with Children – and a Through the Lens ecourse Giveaway, too!

The following post is by contributor Mariah Bruehl of .

With summer quickly approaching it is nice for parents to have a repertoire of engaging activities in the backs of their minds that encourage children to keep reading, writing, and being creative.

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner will be announced soon.  Thank you!

Photography offers children a wonderful outlet for expressing themselves and taking in the world around them. Not only does it channel their natural tendency to be attracted to technology in a positive direction, but photography can also inspire writing and other forms of self-expression.

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