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Just Doing It: The Most Important Part of Family Fitness

Sarah Clachar of Fit Family Together is back today to finish up her series on family fitness. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your knowledge with us this week.  We’ve loved having you here as a guest poster!

Family fitness covers a gamut of activities . . .

Some families live on their bikes, touring from camp spot to camp spot for weeks.

Others make dance jams part of their regular Saturday morning schedule.

While others simply join in when their four-year-old starts skipping and sashaying down the sidewalk.

There’s no one way to do family fitness.

But there is one critical element that runs through all the different ways families make fitness part of their family life . . .

They just do it! (Thanks, Nike)

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3 Ways to Make Family Fitness Simple and Delightful

Sarah Clachar of Fit Family Together is back with our series on family fitness. I think you’ll enjoy her philosophy on simplifying family fitness.

I remember vividly how time sped up with mommyhood. Two minute tasks ended up taking half an hour. Before I knew it the day was almost over. And it felt like nothing had gotten done.

In this parental time warp, my commitment to fitness started to falter. It seemed impossible to sneak it in.

However, my husband and I were determined to make sure this didn’t happen. So from the time my kids were tiny we made fitness a family thing.

Sometimes it meant combining yoga with blowing on my baby’s belly or using my children as wiggly free weights. As they got older we went through a series of bike attachments so we could hit the road together.

Ultimately, over the years we developed a whole host of ways to make family fitness work for us. But even more importantly, we discovered that fitness together as a family did more than keep us trim and energized. It helped us forge stronger family bonds and provided us with special parenting moments.

On Monday, I talked about how you can learn about fitness from your children. To build on this, here are 3 principles you can use to make family fitness part of your family AND make it simple and delightful for everyone.

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5 Things Your Children Can Teach You About Fitness

The following is a guest post by Sarah Clachar of Fit Family Together. Simple Kids is so pleased to welcome Sarah for a series this week about family fitness.  Enjoy!

Ah, personal trainers . . . How can you not feel inspired to get fit when confronted by someone who feels confident in spandex and looks like they’re good friends with the weight machine.

However, truth be told, these guys and gals have nothing on the 2- to 3-foot-high fitness experts any mom has close at hand – your kids.

When it comes to folks who know about moving your body, children put most fitness gurus to shame.

My two kids have taught me oodles about how to make fitness easier and more enjoyable.
What’s more, I’ve found that joining them in their activity is much better than trying to sneak fitness in when they’re napping (along with everything else on your to-do list!)  Family fitness beats going solo hands down!

So here are 5 important things you can learn from your very own in-house personal trainers, your kids:

Kid Fitness Inspiration #1: Just Move!

I can’t count the times I’ve said to my son, “Can’t you just sit still for a few minutes?!” Familiar, huh?

Well, consider turning this source of frustration into inspiration.

Just recently the American Cancer Society came out with a startling statistic: If you sit more than 6 hours a day, you are 40% more likely to die early than someone who sits for less than 4 hours a day.  And get this – it doesn’t matter if you exercise for an hour a day. If you’re sitting 6+ hours, you’re still risking an early end.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have already demonstrated that low-key movement throughout the day can do more to help you stay slim than gym workouts.

So follow your kids’ example and sit still less, move more. Stand up and wiggle your hips when you’re on the phone. Read a book pacing back and forth. Walk and talk with your spouse.

And bring more movement into daily activities. Here’s one of my favorites: Make small sidekicks as you brush your teeth. Do this 10 times each side. It keeps me brushing longer too!

Watch your kids wind their way through tasks for great ideas.

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