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3 Ways to Make Family Fitness Simple and Delightful

Sarah Clachar of Fit Family Together is back with our series on family fitness. I think you’ll enjoy her philosophy on simplifying family fitness.

I remember vividly how time sped up with mommyhood. Two minute tasks ended up taking half an hour. Before I knew it the day was almost over. And it felt like nothing had gotten done.

In this parental time warp, my commitment to fitness started to falter. It seemed impossible to sneak it in.

However, my husband and I were determined to make sure this didn’t happen. So from the time my kids were tiny we made fitness a family thing.

Sometimes it meant combining yoga with blowing on my baby’s belly or using my children as wiggly free weights. As they got older we went through a series of bike attachments so we could hit the road together.

Ultimately, over the years we developed a whole host of ways to make family fitness work for us. But even more importantly, we discovered that fitness together as a family did more than keep us trim and energized. It helped us forge stronger family bonds and provided us with special parenting moments.

On Monday, I talked about how you can learn about fitness from your children. To build on this, here are 3 principles you can use to make family fitness part of your family AND make it simple and delightful for everyone.

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