Simple As That: Journaling Big Feelings


As parents, we know that the source of much frustration for children is an inability to communicate what they are feeling – particularly when those feelings are big and scary or upsetting.  A few months ago, we discussed some peaceful and positive solutions for anger and hitting.

Several weeks later, a friend of mine emailed me to share with me an unexpected and powerful outlet for these big feelings: journaling.

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Kid Friendly Meal Using Pumpkin 3-Ways

The following is by contributor Christen Babb.


Pumpkins inspire me. They are truly one of nature’s blank canvasses.

Pumpkins are best known for their ability to be carved into a myriad of artistic masterpieces, decorating the doorsteps of homes across America. However, this ever-versatile gourd can also play the starring role in both savory and sweet foods – from soups and raviolis to pies and even ice-cream!

Since I grew up not celebrating Halloween, I tend to associate pumpkins with the latter: food.  Not only are they extremely versatile in recipes, their nutritional value is often underestimated. Known as a “superfood“, pumpkins pack a punch of  B-vitamins alongside their  mellow,  inviting,  and quintessentially American  flavor.

Using pumpkin as my inspiration , I’m bringing you a nutritious and delicious pumpkin-packed meal:  Healthy Chicken Bites (with Pumpkin!) + Cheesy Pumpkin Polenta Fries + Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars

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Get to Know Emily Carter

Friends, in the time since this post was set for publication, Emily and her family have received some devastating news. We grieve with Emily, Patrick, and Miles and lift them up in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

The following post is an interview with long-time Simple Kids contributor Emily Carter, of the Pilot’s Wife.  I thought that Simple Kids readers would enjoy getting to know her a little better.

You’ve been a writer for Simple Kids for some time now, but I know that you also keep another blog, The Pilot’s Wife.  Can you tell me a bit about yourself and the blog?

Thanks Kara!  Well, I’m married to a pilot (of course) and we have an almost-3-year-old, Miles, with another baby due in early March.  We do a lot of traveling and a lot of moving! I’m an elementary teacher by trade, but I’m taking this year off as we have some big changes ahead.  My husband accepted a job with the Air National Guard recently and we’ll be going to training for that in the next few months. Read more about us here.


What inspired you to start The Pilot’s Wife?

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Weekend Links

October is Fire Safety Month

The following post was written by editor Kara Fleck.

October is National Fire Safety Month.  This is the perfect time to start getting into the habit of a monthly home fire drill or to polish up your existing procedure, if your family already has one in place.

On a regular basis, the kids and I talk about fire safety, discussing what to do in a fire, and we have been doing an at-home fire drill every month.  Still, it has been very eye-opening to me just how much they forget from month to month when we do our fire drills.  That tells me how important it is that we keep this habit.

This month, we”re brushing up on fire safety and I”m using some resources from around the web to help us prepare.

Fire Drill

These will probably vary for each family, depending on the ages of your children, but just to give you some ideas and get the conversations started, here are my goals for our home fire drills:

  • To review our two different escape routes
  • To stress that we need to get out and then stay out!
  • Learning why we need to crawl low under smoke, and then practicing our crawling
  • Checking doors for heat before opening them
  • Assigning a meeting place (our neighbor”s drive way across the street)
  • Calling 9-1-1 after you are out of the house
  • Setting off the smoke alarm so we can hear what it sounds like
  • Checking the batteries in our smoke detectors
  • Practicing our fire drill a few times – not just talking about it, but actually doing it

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