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Kids’ Crafternoon: Beading and Felting

The following post is by contributor Catherine Way of Adventures With Kids.

I was a little nervous about agreeing to review Kids Crafternoon: Beading and Kids Crafternoon: Felting for Simple Kids for two reasons: both my children are boys and both are younger than the recommended age of 7 and up (one is only 3 years old).

I didn’t need to worry, all the excitement I could hope for was generated by arrival of a courier van.  There were instant demands to see what the van had brought.  Once unwrapped, the colourful photos in the Crafternoon books had both my boys with their nose in a book begging to make something straight away.

When I finally got to have a look at the books, I found plenty of projects to appeal to boys and projects that younger children can participate in with adult help.

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Thankful Turkey: A Kid’s Thanksgiving Craft

The following post is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

A few days ago I spoke to over 100 kids about being grateful and it was harder than I thought! Their eyes quickly glazed over or the only thing that could come to their mind to be thankful of were video games and the list of holiday presents they were ready to receive.

So I had them close their eyes and I asked them more specific questions like, “What is your favorite smell out in nature?”

“Do you like a certain type of weather, how does it make you feel inside?”

What do you like to do with your Mom or Dad that make you feel really special? Aren’t you grateful that they do that with you?”

“Where is your favorite spot in your home, who is grateful for the wonderful home they have?”

Soon the kids started enjoying thinking of things they were grateful for and I realized that they just needed a little help to get the ball rolling. With my girls I have noticed when I do a fun craft, art project or recipe while we are sitting around and working on it they really open up and can understand more fully what being thankful means.

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