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Teaching The Art of Sharing

The following post is by contributor Amanda Morgan from  Not Just Cute and originally appeared in November of 2010.

All kids love sharing….as long as that means you have something to share with them! But when it comes time for these little ones to part with some valued treasure of their own, they quickly set aside their passion for equal divisions.  Here are a few reasons why sharing can be such a struggle, and some simple steps that we as parents can take to ease the way.

Children are Not Developmentally Designed to Share

Three things to remember from a developmental standpoint:

1. Young children are naturally ego-centric.

They see the whole world through the lens of their own wants and desires.  Giving something up because it makes someone else happy requires a very big mental leap.  This means that we have to gently teach them over and over to recognize and value the feelings of others.

2. Young children are  naturally seeking power.

It’s a motivating source that allows them to learn and become more proficient and independent.  If sharing is presented to them as a loss of power (“You must give something up“) rather than as an opportunity to be powerful (“You can choose what or when to share”/”You can help someone be very happy“), they will naturally resist.  Help children recognize the power in sharing.

3. Social skills are learned.

As is the case with social skills in general, children don’t naturally develop the ability to share.  Just as they don’t wake up one day knowing how to write their own name, they won’t suddenly be able to navigate the social art of sharing on their third birthday.  Be aware that sharing requires practice, which always includes mistakes along with the successes.

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Let’s Talk: Daylight Savings Time and Your Child’s Sleep Schedule

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

Daylight Savings Time will soon be upon us.  This Saturday evening, before we go to bed, we’ll be changing our clocks as we “fall back” an hour.

However, what seems simple – just an hour’s difference – can really wreck havoc on the sleep schedules of adults and kids alike.

Spring Forward, Fall Back … to Sleep?

Our kids generally do fairly well with the time change, and it is usually the “Spring Forward” that gets us as it becomes difficult to convince little ones to sleep while the “sun is still awake, mama.”  Usually after a night or two, things get back to normal as far as our children and bedtime goes.

But I know that there are families out there whose little ones have quite a time adjusting whether it is the Spring or the Autumn time change.  Daylight Savings Time can be a major disruption for some kids.

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