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Travel Games: Fun Ways for Kids to Pass the Time on Road Trips

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck. It has been updated for 2011.

Like many families at this time of year, the Flecks have been hitting the road, visiting relatives for the holidays.  We”re fortunate that the majority of our extended family lives with a day”s drive for us so we can travel to visit our loved ones on a regular basis.

Our kids travel fairly well in the car, in fact my middle two will usually sleep once we get on the road. We”ll see how the baby does, but so far she travels pretty easily for a four month old.

But, for my oldest, who doesn’t nap, a long trip can be tedious.  Even kids who travel well can sometimes get bored and antsy during a long road trip.  We have a few travel games that we like to play as a family to help to pass the time.

A few of our favorite travel games …

The License Plate Game

I can remember playing this while going on road trips with my grandparents as a kid.  They had a set of cardboard game boards with a license plate for every state.  You moved the red plastic slider up when you found a new state”s plate. (I wonder what happened to those?)

Today, I have a license plate app on my smartphone that lets us play this game when we travel.  But, you can still find travel game boards, like this one from Melissa & Doug.

You can print some car maps from Alicia at Magical Childhood The website you can use, too.  has a license plate game and also printable

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