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I believe I’m caught up on Pinterest invites, but if you requested one and didn’t receive one, please email me again and I’ll get you invited.  Pinterest seemed to be having some growing pains and was down quite a bit this week and I’m not convinced that all of my invitations went through.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

5 Techniques to Inspire Healthy Food Choices in Your Child’s Diet

The following post is by Christen Babb and originally appeared February 2010. Also, don’t forget about Nicole of Simple Organic’s From Pinterest to Real Life link up.  Have a great weekend, everyone!
Many parents struggle to teach their children healthy eating habits, especially in today’s world laden with overly processed, heavily sweetened foods.

It used to be so easy.
As a baby,  junior gobbled up his vegetables to his little heart’s content. You were certain he would happily snack on organic carrot sticks while his preschool buddies scarf down snack cakes. However, as he’s establishing greater independence, he’s beginning to turn his nose to healthy choices.

So, what’s a mom to do?  First of all, take heart knowing you are not alone. Establishing healthy eating habits takes a lifetime. It’s a continuous journey involving creativity, gentle persistence, and encouragement.  Listed below are some ways to successfully implement healthy food habits that carry into adulthood.

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The Beauty of a Playlist (Cool Kids Rock!)

The following is by contributor and music reviewer Jennifer Brown.

This month I wanted to give you a surefire winner, something you could count on to immediately improve your personal music library.  Then of course I realized that there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to music.  We all have our own personal tastes and opinions, and while I do my best to find those gems that will make parent’s ears happy—our ears are not all created equal.

So…I decided I would give you my best of three albums to kick off our new year of music together at Simple Kids.  Simply because just as our ears aren’t created equal, all tracks on any one particular album aren’t created equal either.

In our house, we’ve compiled the following selections performed by contemporary artists into a playlist we lovingly call Cool Kids Rock.

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Using Pinterest to Find and Organize Ideas for Your Family (plus a list of folks to follow!)

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

Using Pinterest, the virtual bulletin board, has become one of my favorite ways to find and organize ideas for my family.  I”m a visual person and being able to see my bulletin boards, and organize them by type, is more helpful to me than any other link favorites documenting system I”ve used in the past.

It also appeals to me because it is a paperless way to plan and organize, and the fewer piles of paper we have around here the better!

I love that I can organize the ideas I find for my family and home by season, type, age and stage – really, any category that I can come up with! 

If you aren”t currently on Pinterest and you don”t know what all the fuss about “pinning” is, let me share a few tips and tricks with you today, as well as some of my favorite people to follow for kids and family ideas.

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Weekend Links