New Years Resolutions Though the Eyes of a Child

The following is by contributor Christen Babb of Nurture Baby.

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  ~Pablo Picasso

Ever miss that childhood wonder, the longing to discover the world around you,  and the desire to just “play”?  I sure do. So, in 2012, I resolve to be more like my five year old.

For many of us, 2011 was a difficult year. In all its stress and seriousness,  I for one forgot how to play.  Being a task-oriented individual, I tend to create a to do list out of the simplest goals just to see that precious check-mark at the end of the day.  Caught in the frenzy of check-marks, it’s easy to lose focus on relationships by placing greater attention on accomplishments.

This year,  I choose to simplify and relish the journey towards my goals alongside my favorite little companions.

Less doing and more being might be my hardest resolution yet, but here’s to those 2012 goals through the eyes of my five year old:


The grown up version of this goal might be interpreted as “read more”, but that sounds a bit like a chore doesn’t it? That one more thing to check off your list before going to bed each night? Not through the eyes of my five year old. She relishes new books, gets lost in their fantastical, make-believe plots, and stays up late to read them over and over…and over again. She has a voracious appetite to explore new subjects through reading that in turn builds confidence, strengthens communication, and inspires creativity. Funny, those benefits are universal and I’m hoping this grown up can reap some of them as well.

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Simple as That: The Sights, Sounds, Smells, and Tastes of Winter

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck

Last month marked the official start of winter here on my side of the world. The temperatures may feel unseasonably Spring-like, but the calendar says we’ve got lots of Winter left to enjoy yet.

This year, we’re experiencing the changes of the seasons through the eyes of a new baby as our daughter Mia takes her first trip around the sun.  This is her first Winter and, while she may not grow up to remember it, I know that I will.  Each changes of season leaves on impression on our older children, too.

As we strive to live a simple life, my husband and I try to be mindful of slowing down and being aware of what is going on around us – indoors and outdoors.  I want my family  to experience this time of year, not just as dates on the calendar, but as an opportunity to use all of our senses to really savor the season.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the different ways we can experience the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of Winter with our kids.

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Weekend Links

Mini Racer: Making Books Active Play

The following post is by contributor Emily Carter of The Pilot’s Wife.

The season of shorter days and colder temperatures is upon us, which of course means more time playing indoors!

I don’t mind bundling up to get in some fresh air, but when things get really chilly, I’m on the lookout for something new to keep us entertained and warm at the same time.

My three year old, Miles, loves to read with us, and I really love finding ways to tie other activities in with our books.  I love a good art project, but this time I was looking for something more active to get that big energy out.

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My New Year’s Wish for You

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

The holiday season brings with it many opportunities for saying thank you.  During this time of year, most of us make a point to show our appreciation for gifts, yes, but also for the kind acts, thoughtfulness, time, and love given to us.

I know that some of you had really a difficult year in 2011.  While I’m so thankful for our sweet baby Mia, 2011 also takes with it some events that I’m glad to see become a part of the past.  My family faced the challenges, learned a few lessons, and now we are ready to move on.

I bet some of you are, too.

I read your emails and your blogs and some of your comments here, and I know that there are people out there hurting and thankful for the fresh start of 2012. 

Many of you suffered losses, faced challenges, and found yourselves and your families in trying circumstances.   My wish is that those of you who are hurting for it, get that fresh start.

And for those of you for who 2011 was a year of great joy and happiness, I hope that 2012 finds you with double the blessings!


In Amanda Soule’s book The Creative Family she talks about The Gratitude Alphabet, a simple exercise where you take a large piece of paper and write down the letters of the alphabet and then think of something you are thankful for for each letter.  A little silly, yes, but as Amanda writes, it … “really does make us feel more aware of how full, loved, and blessed our lives truly are.”

In that spirit, here is my New Year’s Wish for you dear readers, as a thank you for all of the ways you have made writing here at Simple Kids such a blessing to me.

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