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Evening Tasks For an Easier Morning

The following is by editor Kara Fleck and originally appeared in March of 2011.

Imentioned a short while ago that one of the ways I help to make life a little easier on myself and our mornings flow smoother is by preparing for them the night before.

I have found that a morning routine helps to set the tone for the rest of the day. You can read more about my morning routine here, but today I want to talk specifically about taking some time the evening before to set the stage for the next morning.

Prepping for the Next Morning

One of the questions I asked myself as I was developing our current morning routine was what can I do the night before to give myself a jump start for the next day?

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Showing Appreciation to Your Children

The following is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

I sometimes find myself being too negative with my children. I will hear myself correct them, ask them to stop things, hurry and start things way more often than focusing on positive things. I will tell them “Good Job” on different tasks like cleaning up their room or finishing the homework.

But I realized that I didn’t give them genuine thank you’s enough. Which made me a bit sad to realize, but now I have quickly gotten in the habit of showing appreciation to my children more often.

Showing appreciation to our children and also teaching them to show appreciation to each other can be done in many fun and playful ways.

Here are just a couple of fun ideas to try:

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Weekend Links, Mindset for Moms winners, and a Very Special Offer!

Mindset for Moms Winners

The winners of the Mindset for Moms giveaway are:

  • Erin (erinb1)
  • Hannah
  • JenP
  • Crafty Mama

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A VERY Special Offer

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