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Let's Talk: Gardening with Kids, What Will You Grow this Year?

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

This Spring we”ve been talking a lot about gardens and green things growing.  Last week I ran a post about creating garden spaces for your children by contributor Catherine Way.  This week I”d like to ask what are you and your kids are growing in your garden spaces this year? 

A Few Green Resources

Gardeners, like knitters, are eager to share what they know.  Luckily for me, I happen to know a few people who are more successful gardeners than I am so I have smart folks to bounce ideas off of and ask questions.  Between my Dad, my uncles, my brother Nate, and my sister HanaJean I”ve got a lot of living green resources to help me in this gardening adventure.

The good people here at Simple Living Media are a good gardening resource, as well.  Did you see Danny Bourque”s raised bed tutorial on Simple Bites?  And definitely don”t miss Simple Homemade”s (formerly Simple Organic) Gardening 101 series.

We love the books by Sharon Lovejoy for gardening with children as well as the practical gardener”s guide series.  I have the kindle version of Indiana“s on my smart phone.

Our Plans

We have a simple raised bed system in our backyard and a few containers on our patio.  We keep things pretty simple around here, in no small part because, while I have an adventurous gardening spirit, my thumbs online casino canada are pretty black.

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