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Plan a Simpler Summer with Kids

The following is a guest post by Jessica Fisher of Life As Mom. Don”t miss the sweet deal she is offering Simple Kids readers on her Summer Survival Guide in this post.

Summertime approaches! Just the idea of it makes me smile. The word evokes memories of my childhood — carefree days with no agenda. I long to give my children the same happy memories of summer.

You know the chant: No more papers, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks? Since I happen to be my children’s teacher, I’m more than happy to wipe some dirty looks off my own face, to kick off my shoes, lie in the hammock, and drink cool beverages poolside. As summer vacation approaches, I look forward to a lessening of my work load and to being more “plain old mom.”

However, all moms, regardless of their schooling choices know that summer with kids is not all bare feet, carefree days spent lazing in a lounge chair. The kids are on vacation, too!

And so thoughts may trickle in like, “What am I going to do with the kids all day long?”
The truth is that boredom can drive any man, woman or child toward mischief, wreaking havoc on the household. All the more so when the weather is hot and neighborhood friends have dispersed on vacations.

The remedy? Plan some simple summer fun into every day that gives structure and intentionality as well as leaves room for those lazy poolside moments.

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Encouraging passionate learners … even when it’s not your thing

The following post is by contributor Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute.

I have vivid childhood memories of trekking down to the pond near our home and catching as many tadpoles in my bucket as my scrawny arms could carry.  I was fascinated by the process of metamorphosis and would check on them every day in the shed where I kept them, marveling over each limb as it appeared.

Once the tadpoles had fully transformed into tiny toads, my sibling and I would line them up in our driveway and race them down the lane as they made their way out in to the wild world of pastures, fields, and ditch banks that surrounded our rural home.

I was passionate about toads.

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Let's Talk: Simple Tips for Travel with Kids

We are on the road today, the first road trip of the Summer season for our family. This is the perfect time to re-post this question from 2010: I would love to hear your tips on traveling with kids and how you make it simple. Happy trails! – Kara

This month at Simple Living Media we”ve been talking about travel.  It has been a while since I”ve done a Link Love Showcase, so I thought I would list some of my favorite travel related posts and then open up the comments for some discussion.

Here at Simple Kids, contributor Catherine,  of Adventures With Kids, discussed letting go of expectations and relaxing in The Art of Travel with Young Children. Emily, the Pilot”s Wife, gave us some tips for Stress Free Flying with Infants and Toddlers.

Over at Simple Homemade, Megan discussed Incorporating the Art of Babywearing into Summer Travel Plans.  My youngest is an active toddler now, but we use the sling  when she is tired of walking or if the crowds are overwhelming her.

I loved Jamie”s post on 4 Natural Ways to Learn While on Vacation over at Simple Homeschool.  Renee Tougas” article on Lessons Learned While Camping has good advice, too:  “Food, Clothing, and Shelter is all you really need.”

Speaking of casino online camping, did you read 8 Tips for Stress-Free Camping?  Amy”s got a checklist of stress-free camping essentials and there”s lots of good advice from Simple Mom readers in the comments, too.

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