Let's Talk: Simple Tips for Travel with Kids

We are on the road today, the first road trip of the Summer season for our family. This is the perfect time to re-post this question from 2010: I would love to hear your tips on traveling with kids and how you make it simple. Happy trails! – Kara

This month at Simple Living Media we”ve been talking about travel.  It has been a while since I”ve done a Link Love Showcase, so I thought I would list some of my favorite travel related posts and then open up the comments for some discussion.

Here at Simple Kids, contributor Catherine,  of Adventures With Kids, discussed letting go of expectations and relaxing in The Art of Travel with Young Children. Emily, the Pilot”s Wife, gave us some tips for Stress Free Flying with Infants and Toddlers.

Over at Simple Homemade, Megan discussed Incorporating the Art of Babywearing into Summer Travel Plans.  My youngest is an active toddler now, but we use the sling  when she is tired of walking or if the crowds are overwhelming her.

I loved Jamie”s post on 4 Natural Ways to Learn While on Vacation over at Simple Homeschool.  Renee Tougas” article on Lessons Learned While Camping has good advice, too:  “Food, Clothing, and Shelter is all you really need.”

Speaking of casino online camping, did you read 8 Tips for Stress-Free Camping?  Amy”s got a checklist of stress-free camping essentials and there”s lots of good advice from Simple Mom readers in the comments, too.

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Let’s Get Messy: Fun with Cloud Dough

The following post is by contributor Emily Carter, The Pilot’s Wife.

The day had already been a long one.

What I wanted most from the evening was to put my feet up and watch a movie, but my three-year-old pleaded from the backseat,

“Can we play outside for a little while, Mama?”

The weather here is perfect, and I couldn’t think of any good reason to say no. So I caught his eyes in the rear view mirror and said, “Sure.”

I told him there was a special project we needed to work on called Cloud Dough, and asked him if he would like to help?

The response was a beaming grin and an enthusiastic, “YES!”

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A high chair for Amelia (my thrift haul)

One of my Mother’s Day treats over the weekend was time by myself at the thrift store.  Wonderful! (And, does my husband know me well, or what?)

I picked up some more frames for my growing family gallery and I also came across a treasure: a high chair!

We’ve been using a simple plastic travel booster seat since my oldest daughter Jillian was a baby, but I’ve always wanted a real wooden high chair.  It has never been in the budget, though, and I never could bring myself to borrow one of those giant plastic ones from a friend or family member.

Don’t misunderstand:  I’m all for using what you have, and for being frugal, and I’ve done that for over a decade now when it comes to children’s things.  But, I’ve always wanted for my babies to have one of those nice, sleek wooden high chairs or a charming vintage one, like the ones at my parents and grandparents’ houses.

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Lucy’s fourth birthday (want, need, wear, read)

My Lucy turned four years old over the weekend.  Four! An age that seems to be so big and yet still so very little at the same time (which is probably one of those statements that only a parent or a grandparent can understand).

I did it again.  I blinked.

I blinked and this teeny, tiny, little pink bundle …

… turned into this singing, dancing, laughing girl of four.

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Weekend links and Happy Mother's Day!

You guys are so funny and sweet!  I was a bit nervous about my post on Monday, I think because it is perhaps the most open I”ve let myself get in this space, postpartum in pajamas even, and you received me in all my imperfection so kindly.  Thank you!

Thanks to my husband, I was able to add another photo to the collection when he took this picture of the kids and I.  It isn”t perfect, but it is us – exactly as we are in the moment.  That, my friends, is something to treasure.

I hope you found some moments this weekend to treasure, too.