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Books for tweens and teens

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Earlier in the Summer my daughter Jillian and I asked you for your recommendations for books for tweens and teens.  Boy, did you come through for us!

Thanks to you, we have discovered a few new series that we are both hooked on (I like to read what she’s reading) and we rediscovered a few old favorites.  Thank you!

I know that many of you who have children in your lives around the same age frequently are on the hunt for good reading material for them as well, so today I’m rounding up some of your suggestions, plus a few that the tween reader in my house loves, to share with you today.

Books for tweens and teens

Here are a few of our favorites so far this Summer …

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (series) – many of you mentioned this series to us so Jillian and I were curious.  We began with book one, The Mysterious Howling and have moved on to book two and are eagerly waiting the third book to come out in paperback so we can continue the adventures of Miss Penelope Lumley and the “three wild creatures” in her care.  Written by Maryrose Wood, we’ve found these books to be funny, thoughtful, and intriguing. Plus, as the older sister to three “wild creatures” Jillian finds herself relating to the governess in more ways than one.

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Yearly planning with a file crate system

I’m over at Simple Mom today, guest posting for Tsh while she’s on her break.  I’m writing about a topic I don’t get to share too much about in my regular blogging routine:  organizing.  I’m sharing my file crate system and I hope you’ll come over to Simple Mom and take a look. – Kara

As much as I love paperless planning and Pinterest, for some things there is just no substitute for actual paper planning.

I love technology, but when it comes to things like holiday recipes written in my grandmother’s hand, family wedding invitations, and articles from the print resources I use, I find it is just more practical, even meaningful, for me when they are in their original paper form.

And, truth be told, even though I am a blogger, I like to have certain aspects of my life “unplugged” and power-cord free.

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