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Games we play: Bug Bingo (thrift haul)

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin” Granola mama.  This post will be linked up to Simple Design”s Thrift Haul, a fun weekly link-up for sharing your second-hand treasures.

A few months back we had a fantastic thrift store haul: several gently used board games, with all the pieces intact, and priced around $3 a piece.  Sold!

Since then, our family Friday Night Nest game and movie night has included some classics such as Life, Monopoly, and Apples to Apples as well as a few new-to-us games, such as Bug Bingo.

Bug Bingo

The gold sticker that proclaimed Bug Bingo as a “Dr. Toy 10 Best Games Winner” caught my eye at the thrift store, while the full color illustrations of critters such as mayflies, orb web weaver spiders, mosquitoes, and cicadas grabbed my entomologists-in-training childrens” attention.

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The Power of a Parent’s Touch: Adding Tenderness to the Routine Tasks of Childcare

The following is an except from an article I wrote for the most recent issue of Bamboo magazine.  I’d love it if you’d join me over there to read the rest of the article and continue the discuss in the comments there.  Thanks!

Touch is a powerful thing, especially a parent’s touch. It is likely you’ve seen the power of a parent’s touch in action.  Babies are soothed when folded in loving arms, tears are chased away with a hug, a gentle squeeze of the shoulder that reminds an antsy child to sit still just a while longer, or how a parent’s large hand wrapped around a child’s small one can provide an extra boost of courage. We know that touch matters.

So, let me ask you a question I recently asked myself:  when was the last time you slowed down enough to connect with your child, not just through words, but through a loving, intentionally tender touch? 

We touch our children often, of course.  But how many of those connections are made on auto-pilot?  What if we put more intention into our tasks as loving caregivers?  How can we add tenderness to the routine tasks of childcare?

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Painting peg people (Rockin’ Granola)

This summer we’ve been painting peg people and I’m sharing about our creative adventures over at my other blog, Rockin’ Granola. I’d love to invite you over there to share in the fun. See you there!

This summer has been the Summer of the Peg People!  My ten year old, six year old, and four year old have spent many afternoons indoors when the temperatures outdoors have crawled into the triple digits.  We’ve been beating the heat with air conditioning and crafts at the kitchen table, including painting peg people.

We spread newspaper in double layers over the kitchen table, roll up our sleeves, put on some painting clothes (old shirts of Daddy’s), and then unleash our imaginations!

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