Weekend giveaway: Milk and Honey

This weekend’s giveaway is from The Milk and Honey Company.

Developed by a wife and mother of five, the Milk and Honey Co. focuses on sweet essentials for mom and baby. I love founder Susan’s desire for products that are beautiful, stylish, and grow as her children do.  You can read more about the company, and Susan’s vision, at the Milk and Honey Co. website.

This giveaway is now closed.

The giveaway

The Milk & Honey Wrap is a sweet mothering essential: it’s a nursing cover that doesn’t scream, “I am nursing under here”, a scarf that dresses up your go-to jeans, a swaddle, a carseat blanket, a sun blocker for your morning stroller run, and a cape when you need to redirect your toddler from the pots and pans.

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Simple summer snacks for kids

The following post from the archives was written by editor Kara Fleck. It originally appeared in June of 2011.

The days are growing longer and hotter.  This time of year, my family wants to to eat things that are lighter and I don’t want to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen preparing a snack. The sooner we can get back to the Summer fun, the better! This is the time to enjoy while it lasts, afterall.

At our house, during the warmer months, I have two main ideas that I fall back on for simple Summertime snacks for the kids: the muffin tin of “nibbles” and popsicles.

The muffin tin of “nibbles”

Setting out a muffin tray of bite-sized snacks for the kids to nibble on is something that goes back to my own childhood.  My mom used to prepare a muffin tin of snacks on Friday nights and leave it in the fridge for us to help ourselves to on Saturday mornings (so that she could sleep in one day a week, that wise woman).

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Four simple DIY baby projects

 The following is by contributor Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute.

When my husband and I had our fourth baby boy this summer, we thought we wouldn’t need a single new thing.  Other than diapers.  And a minivan.

But the interesting thing is, ideas and tools are always evolving and improving, and I found there were a few things I wouldn’t mind adding to our supply.  Fortunately for me, many of those things I could make myself.

I’m a fan of DIY, but I’m somewhat limited by my skills.  I can sew.  As long as it doesn’t require much more skill than it takes to sew a straight line.  These great projects, however, are simple enough to meet that standard. [Read more…]