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Cookies and cocoa on a December afternoon #slowholidays

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Can you feel it?  The pace that wants to quicken, the days that want to fly by, the moments slipping through our fingers?  This time of year the focus can easily slip into that of hustle and bustle … and I am fighting against it with every thing I have.  The more the outside world wants to speed up, to shout loudly, the more I want to slow down, to whisper.

These are the days.

Recent events have driven home how fragile life is, haven’t they, friends?  Things can change so much from Christmas to Christmas.  I’m reminded again and again how much joy there is under my roof and how very lucky I am to have it.  I want to live in these moments, paying attention, and savoring them.

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I had a post to share with you today, but today isn’t the day. Like you, the events in Sandy Hook have left me heartbroken. No words, no gifts, no acts of service will ever take away the pain, but we want those affected—the parents like us in particular—to know we’re praying for you.

To honor the memory of so many who needlessly lost their lives on Friday, we are choosing to be quiet today. We’ll be back tomorrow.

We’d love it if today you visited Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool. She lives in Newtown.

Thank you for stopping by today, and we hope you’ll join us in remembering and praying.

Cool calendars for kids

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Can you believe that in just a few weeks we”ll be turning the calendar page and saying good-bye to 2012?  I”m having a hard time getting my head around that myself, and yet here we are:  December is half way over and we”ll be hanging up our 2013 calendars before we know it.

Speaking of calendars, do you have yours for next year yet? What about for your kids?

For my own use, I mainly rely on two calendars – online I use google calendar for writing related things and offline I have printed out  The Confident Mom”s calendar (which I just discovered a few months ago and have found that the format really works for me and my household).

We also have a large family calendar that hangs in our kitchen and a chalkboard where we count down the days to important family events and I think it helps with family harmony for the whole family to be able to see what comes next.

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