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Kid-made Christmas cards, 3 ways

Written by contributor Catherine Way of Indirect Observations.

My children have been making handmade cards for birthdays and Christmas ever since my eldest son was 2.  I enjoy having this personal touch for special presents, like those we will give to my son’s teachers, grandparents and other family members.

These three cards are quick and enjoyable to make and use materials you will probably already have at home.   The only special requirement is the blank cards to decorate. You can buy ready-made blank cards or make cards by folding cardstock or paper to the size you require.

I’ve also provided my tips for helping you get the best results without needing to do parts of the card-making for your children.

In my house, we make the card-making a bit of an event by setting a day, playing Christmas carols and all sitting down together to create cards.  It is a firm part of our Christmas tradition.

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A Child’s Christmas: Holiday Songs & Carols from Susie Tallman and friends

The following is by contributor Jennifer of Swing Whistle Zing.

We add at least one new album (if not more) to our Christmas collection every year.  It’s a part of the season I really look forward to, and it’s an inexpensive way to give yourself a little gift that you’re sure to enjoy no matter how hectic things get.

However, finding children’s Christmas music the whole family can enjoy can be challenging.

I know my kids tend to latch on to an album that reinforces their excitement for the upcoming season, so we have to choose carefully.  We will be listening to it over and over.

A Child’s Christmas

We have no complaints, however, over listening to Susie Tallman’s A Child’s Christmas * Holiday Songs and Carols in the over and over category.

With 42 tracks and over an hour’s worth of music this is album is chock full of holiday fun.  Susie has carefully crafted a collection of family friendly holiday tunes, old and new.

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Because even small change can add up to a big difference!

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Did you see the big Simple Living Media news this week on Simple Mom? SLM is partnering with Compassion to sponsor a Child Survival Program in Ethiopia.

Friends, there are many reasons that I love writing for SLM and things like this are one of them.  My heart has been flip-flopping ever since I found out about this opportunity.  Pure Charity provided funds for me to facilitate this post and I”m really excited to share with you what that allowed me to do as far as giving to our CSP.

This Child Survival Program, or CSP, needs $25,000 per year to operate. As a blog network, SLM draws over one million unique visitors monthly. As Tsh said, just think:  what if everyone who visited our sites gave a dollar?  Just think of what that could mean for these mamas and their babies!

Here”s the thing, friends:  you can help us raise the funds to help this CSP by doing something that I would bet you are going to do anyway this holiday season.

Keep reading and I”ll share with you how …

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