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There are only 32 days to go for our Pure Charity fundraiser for the Compassion Child Survival Program.  This project means so much to us here at Simple Living Media and I”m pleased to say that we”re getting closer to our goal:  we”ve raised $3,651 for the CSP as of this morning.  Hooray!

I just know that with your help we can make it the rest of the way.  Thank you so much for your support!

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

A day in the life


Jamie invited me over to Simple Homeschool to share with you a glimpse of our day for her Day in the Life series.  So, I’m over there sharing what homeschooling looked like last Friday for the fifth grader, first grader, preschooler, and seventeen month old and for me, their work-from-home mom.

I’d love it if you would join me at Simple Homeschool today.

From the post …

I’d say my main homeschool influences are Waldorf inspired and Charlotte Mason, but we do allow for technology and a more free-flowing relaxed daily rhythm.

5:30 am – a peaceful beginning

My day begins early.  I’m a morning person and I’m awake at 5:30.  I get dressed and then come downstairs and shuffle around the house.  I let the dog out, having a quiet time, make myself a mug of coffee, while mentally reviewing my To Do list. I answer emails, edit blog posts, and do a bit of writing.

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“Why, why, why?”: Embracing and encouraging curiosity

Encouraging Creativity

“I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

One of my favorite parts of being a teacher, and that I now love as a parent, is spending time with little ones who approach life with wondering, questioning, and exploring. Curiosity truly is a gift, and kids have it in abundance.

I strive to keep a zest for learning in my own life, and I also want to nourish that love of learning in my girls as they grow. Here are some of the ways we’re keeping the spark of curiosity in our daily life:

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