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Busy hands: finding light in Winter’s dark days


Are you getting tired of me telling you about how the days have been dark, rainy, and cold lately?   Well, I’m certainly getting tired of writing about it.  I know there are still some February days left on the calendar, but I’m ready to turn the page to March so that I can officially begin anticipating Spring.

We’re getting a bit stir crazy having to stay indoors and cabin fever?  Well, we’re doing our best with Legos, games, puzzles, good books, and art projects … but sometimes it still sinks in.

I’m handling my Winter blues by keeping my hands busy.  Well, okay, with four children my hands are usually pretty busy, but I’m specifically talking about reading and crafting.

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A peek behind-the-scenes


First of all, I want to take a few moments to thank you all for the way you received last week’s Friday Five post about some of my more humbling parenting moments.

I was a bit nervous to hit “publish” on that one, but right away SK readers let me know I had nothing to fear in opening up. I guess if we can hang out together and talk about potty seats and curse words, well, then we can probably talk about just about anything together, can’t we?

And, seriously?  Some of your comments had me laughing so hard!  Thank you for sharing them.  Laughter is certainly the best medicine when you’re feeling a bit humbled by this whole parenting gig, isn’t it?

So, here’s to more laughter, less judgement, and less guilt  – and to just enjoying it all!

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The Friday Five: 5 humbling parenting moments (a.k.a not my Mother of the Year award acceptance speech)


Sometimes in this strange, wonderful phenomenon of sharing called blogging, it can be all too easy to put another person up on a pedestal, to assume they are leading a nearly perfect life because of the snapshot that we see – the carefully chosen words, the edited Pinterest worthy photos.

While I choose to focus on the light and the joy and the happiness here at Simple Kids, I do strive to keep it real.  I write honestly about my struggles and my short comings.

But just in case some of you sweet, misguided souls think that my family and I are perfect, I hope to happily and humbly burst your bubble today.

In the spirit of humility, reality, and true tales from life in the trenches, for today’s Friday Five I offer 5 of my most humbling parenting moments.

After all, if I can’t laugh at myself, well, then I’d probably spend a lot more time crying.

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