8 Simple tickle games to play with your kids


The following is a guest post written by Heather Gaither of The Incredible Infant

“You know this ends, right?”

That’s what an older friend said to me recently. I was giving my 2nd, Elena, a quick tickle at our homeschool group.

That question haunted me all the way home.

She had a valid point.

After all, at some point I went from “Tickle me!” to “Touch me and die.” (Thank you, adolescence.)

Looking at my three little girls in the rearview mirror, I was struck with how fast they are growing. Am I truly capturing those little hearts? Or just “doing life”?

The teens are just around the corner. Will they let me stay on board their little ship of hormones? Or maroon me on an island and sail on alone?

It’s a scary thought.

A thought that makes me determined to tie those hearts to my apron strings.

Tickling is my first rope.

Here are eight of the tickle games I play with my kids. It’s my first step in securing a conversation spot at the future Teen table.

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Stained glass inspired art project


The calendar says that it is Spring, but the view outside my window tells a much different story.  It looks like winter had one more good-bye for us, after all.

The prospect of (yet another) winter storm when the kids and I are craving spring flowers and sunshine was as good of an excuse as any for a super colorful art project.

I have been wanting to try this stained glass inspired art I’ve seen all over Pinterest (I had a bit of trouble tracking down the original source, but I finally did!  You can see the original post here at the 2Me4Art blog – isn’t Sophie’s piece just lovely? Note in the comments that her project is NOT on wax paper, as so many Pinterest pins suggest, but regular old craft paper.)

I decided we would give faux stained glass art a try and put our own glittery spin on it.

So, on Sunday afternoon when the toddler was asleep, I brought the Sharpie markers and craft paper to the craft table and invited the kids to help me create some “faux” stained glass art for our kitchen door.

It might be snowing again, but that doesn’t mean I have to look at it, ha ha ha!  Here’s to controlling the view, friends!

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Weekend links


I recently wrenched my back playing with my four and six year olds, a reminder of each of my 39 years.  I may be 25 at heart, but my spine most certainly is not.  This weekend was originally supposed to be about a mini-conference and some work on our house, but instead has found me in bed with a heating pad and moving very, very slowly.

As the snow is falling (again) here in the Hoosier state, I can”t help but think that maybe having to move slowly isn”t such a bad thing?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Saying “yes” anyway


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends.  We had kind of a long and busy one, which are never my favorite.  So, it came to be that on an afternoon where Daddy and Max were out for their “dude date” father/son time and Jillian was reading in her room and the toddler was asleep, that Lucy and I found ourselves with some precious alone time on our hands (a rarity at our house).

The first thing Lucy asked was if we could do crafts.   I’ll admit, my heart sank a little.  Sunday is supposed to be my day “off” after all (if mothers get such a thing) and while normally I love to do crafts and get messy, I was grouchy after the long weekend and I just wasn’t in the mood for clean up or being inconvenienced.

But I said yes anyway.

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Weekend links


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Have some free moments today?  Come over to Pinterest and check out what I”ve been pinning lately.

Pictured above is what the morning after library day looks like at my house:  very quiet, lots of cuddling, stacks of books.  A little slice of heaven, really.  I hope you and your kids have had some moments like that lately, too.

And now this Leprechaun is off to play a few (nice) pranks on her family and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Best wishes!