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Pictured above is what the morning after library day looks like at my house:  very quiet, lots of cuddling, stacks of books.  A little slice of heaven, really.  I hope you and your kids have had some moments like that lately, too.

And now this Leprechaun is off to play a few (nice) pranks on her family and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Best wishes!


Name play activities for young writers

Name play activities

Written by Amy Anderson of Let’s Explore.

Often, one of the first things a young child learns to write is her own name. From the first scribbles to finally mastering a tricky e, name-writing is a very satisfying confidence-booster!

When my girls were preschool-age, I wrote their names on large index cards and laminated for durability. They loved to carry around their name cards, trace the letters with their fingers, and scribble on the cards with dry erase markers or crayons.

Here are a dozen playful ways to explore forming letters and name writing. Of course, if your child is not interested in his name right now, and would rather spell and write dinosaur or butterfly or Grammy, those are fun words to practice, too!

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10 Ideas to encourage your kids to read after school (A Bullseye View guest post)


Today I’m over at the Target Bullseye View blog sharing 10 ideas to encourage kids to read after school.  Head over there to read my tips and take a peek at the Pinterest Board that compliments the article, too.

From the article:

We all know that reading plays a vital role in a child’s education. For some kids, a love of reading comes naturally, while other children might be reluctant readers.

Once the school bell rings, it is up to parents and caregivers to help develop reading skills with their kids and create a home environment that promotes and encourages reading.

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6 strategies for dealing with your parenting critics: handling criticism graciously, but firmly.


If you admit to the world that you’re not the Mother of the Year, folks will step forward agreeing with you, most in a spirit of camaraderie, one parent in the trenches to another.

But a few will come out of the woodwork just to tell you how you’re mucking up the job.  I’m okay with this because I know it is a side effect of blogging and putting my parenting on public display.

But what about if you aren’t putting your parenting on display?  What if you are just going about your normal day, living your life, raising your kids, and suddenly out of nowhere you find yourself being attacked.

If you are a parent, chances are a few of your choices have drawn some criticism.

I’ve developed a fairly thick skin for this, and most of the time I can laugh it off, because I know I’m not perfect and I know that it is okay that I’m not.  But it seems to me that lately my social circle is abuzz with “mommy bashing” and comparison, as if those “mother of the year” awards actually exist.

Everyone has a passionate opinion on how children should be raised.  I’m not convinced that is a totally bad thing, either.  I’ve appreciated having my thinking challenged at times, either because it cemented my own views or because it caused me to open my mind to another idea.

However, there are those who take it a step further and openly criticize or attack the parenting choices of others. 

  • Fact #1: We aren’t going to be able to please everyone.
  • Fact #2: There are those who want to make sure we know that!

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Cloth diaper folks, or want to be cloth diapering folks, don”t forget that you”ve still got time to enter the Bummi”s Organic Cloth Diaper Kit giveaway!  Have you entered yet?

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