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Saying “yes” anyway


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends.  We had kind of a long and busy one, which are never my favorite.  So, it came to be that on an afternoon where Daddy and Max were out for their “dude date” father/son time and Jillian was reading in her room and the toddler was asleep, that Lucy and I found ourselves with some precious alone time on our hands (a rarity at our house).

The first thing Lucy asked was if we could do crafts.   I’ll admit, my heart sank a little.  Sunday is supposed to be my day “off” after all (if mothers get such a thing) and while normally I love to do crafts and get messy, I was grouchy after the long weekend and I just wasn’t in the mood for clean up or being inconvenienced.

But I said yes anyway.

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Weekend links


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Have some free moments today?  Come over to Pinterest and check out what I”ve been pinning lately.

Pictured above is what the morning after library day looks like at my house:  very quiet, lots of cuddling, stacks of books.  A little slice of heaven, really.  I hope you and your kids have had some moments like that lately, too.

And now this Leprechaun is off to play a few (nice) pranks on her family and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Best wishes!


Name play activities for young writers

Name play activities

Written by Amy Anderson of Let’s Explore.

Often, one of the first things a young child learns to write is her own name. From the first scribbles to finally mastering a tricky e, name-writing is a very satisfying confidence-booster!

When my girls were preschool-age, I wrote their names on large index cards and laminated for durability. They loved to carry around their name cards, trace the letters with their fingers, and scribble on the cards with dry erase markers or crayons.

Here are a dozen playful ways to explore forming letters and name writing. Of course, if your child is not interested in his name right now, and would rather spell and write dinosaur or butterfly or Grammy, those are fun words to practice, too!

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