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Screen Free Week 2013


This morning my kids will come downstairs and find that our television has been covered with a large playsilk.  Mama’s laptop will be closed the majority of the day, and the smart phones will be used only as phones not as gaming devices or to access social media.

Coming off of a super busy season of life, where I’ve been relying on the TV more and more for entertainment, the timing of this week is perfect for my household.

In this way our family will observe Screen Free Week:  a time of year to cut back on media consumption and avoid screen time.

This isn’t a yearly tradition we observe just for the kids – it is good for grown ups, too.  As much as I love some aspects of social media, it is good to take a break from time to time.

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Weekend links and Filtering ecourse winner


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Giveaway: ecourse Simplicity Parenting Filtering Module from Bliss Beyond Naptime


Did you enjoy Kathy Stowell‘s guest post yesterday on ways to communicate with your kids using less talking?  I know that I really appreciated her perspective and her advice gave me some good takeaways to apply to my daily life with the kids.

{This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks!}

I’m excited to share some neat news:  Kathy is going to be giving one Simple Kids reader a space in her upcoming Simplicity Parenting Filtering Module ecourse!

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