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Five Ways to Leave Your Kids Speechless


The following is a guest post from Kathy Stowell of Bliss Beyond Naptime.

My name is Kathy and I married a non-talker.

The man can go for days without saying a word but when he does everyone’s all ears and laps up each and every single, quiet, mono-toned, but potency-packed, syllable.

Over the years his borderline mute ways have shone a light on my latent desire to fill every empty airwave with ongoing commentary, idle questions and ramblings that can sometimes lead us down the rabbit hole of too much information. Especially for little ears that, unfortunately, make up the bulk of my listening audience.

Of all the ways to simplify tossing out the excess in the form of spoken words is often an overlooked way remove excess from our lives.  Since shining a simplicity seeking searchlight on this realm I found a refreshing contrast between wading in an eddy of tranquil silence and floundering against the tide full of chit chat flotsam and jetsam.

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