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Weekend link love


Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  Rest, recharge, frolic with your families, and enjoy these gorgeous May days. Do something simple but fun with your children this weekend.  You and your kids will both love it!


The Friday Five: 5 Reasons to love the never-ending crafts table


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Last winter, thanks to an opportunity as part of the Target Inner Circle, I was able to ask Todd Oldham some questions about kids, creativity, and his own childhood.  It turned out to be an experience that made a lasting impression on me and changed the way we do some things at our house.

One of the things that resonated with me was Todd’s mention of his family’s crafts table growing up and how he felt it nurtured his creative spark:

“I am forever grateful to my parents for facilitating our creativity as kids.  We had a massive craft table that was always out where we all spent our time creating and sharing with each other.  I realized how cool it was of mom and dad to allow us this endlessly chaotic and messy workstation in the middle of our living room without ever trying to tame it.  I learned so much at that table. I know it can be a real eyesore but if you can bear it or find a less obvious place for it, the never-ending craft table is a terrific idea.”

The idea of a space our kids could access all the time, a launching pad for their creative projects – one that didn’t have to be cleaned up or put away?  That idea really spoke to me.

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Unplugged play idea: kiddie pool + bubbles = awesome!


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far in central Indiana and, after the long winter, the kids and I were ready for it!  We’ve been loving the sunshine and the blue skies.

This week has been the first week of the year we’ve been using the pool, which is always one of our favorite backyard summer treats.

Normally we have a larger pool that uses a filter to keep it clean and the water clear all season long.  This year, however, my youngest doesn’t quite have her sea legs, though she’s eager to explore the water, so we decided a smaller kiddie pool would be best for our backyard space.

A kiddie pool for the summers we have toddlers seems to be a family tradition and my big kids don’t mind too much as long as we take them on plenty of trips to the big pool, too.

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