Those Amazing Ordinary Moments


The following was originally published in May 2010.  I have revised it a bit and added some new photos to share with you this Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope you enjoy it.  Best wishes, Kara

I love taking pictures of my kids.  I may not be the best photographer, or have fancy camera equipment, but every holiday, birthday, and special occasion will find me enthusiastically snapping pictures and coaxing smiles from my family.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I will, of course, be bringing my camera along to document the day.  However, this year I want to take a different approach when looking through the lens of my camera: I want to focus on the ordinary.

What will I want to have a memory of years from now?  What seemingly ordinary moments and things will be precious to myself and to my children in the future?

KaraKids2010How much has changed since 2010. Wow.

Moments to Capture this Mother’s Day

The Faces

Because we don’t get together too often, I have a tendency try to squeeze every family member I can into large group photos. I do this because I want a record of us all together.

But afterward, I find myself staring a stack of group shots that I’m disappointed in because someone’s eyes were closed or somebody was looking away.

This  year I want to forgo the group shots and focus more on faces and individuals. [Read more…]

At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum from A Natural Nester and Friends


Note:  there are affiliate links within this post.

The At-Home Summer Nature Camp ecurriculum from A Natural Nester is available for pre-order.  I”m honored to be a small part of this ecurriculum as a contributor and the kids and I are looking forward to participating this Summer.

This ecurriculum is based on creator Liz of A Natural Nester”s own “camp mom” tradition with her kids and the program is packed with a whole Summer”s worth of ideas and inspiration for you and your family.

8 Weeks of Backyard Summer Fun

The curriculum, available for download on May 20th, is a full-color PDF that can be read on a computer screen or tablet, or printed out.

[Read more…]

Weekend links


I wasn’t online too much, as we were trying to keep as screen free as possible, but I did do a bit of reading online here and there.

Mostly this week ha been about library books, porch swings, art projects, and walks around the block.  I think this bodes well for the rest of the season, don’t you?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!