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Grab Your Dancing Rain Boots for Marsh Mud Madness with Roger Day

Roger - Marsh 1

For it to only be June, I’ve been celebrating summer over on Swing Whistle Zing for far too long it seems—I think we got Spring Fever a little bit too early in our house.  In any case, I hope your summer plans involve catching some life music whether it’s at a neighborhood restaurant or a full-blown concert stadium.

But if your opportunities to catch live music are few and far between you might enjoy catching a concert on DVD, right in your air-conditioned living room, and I’ve got a recommendation that is sure to please the whole family.

Rodger Day has a new release called Marsh Mud Madness that was filmed and produced in conjunction with the University of Georgia Marine Institute on Sapelo Island and the Savannah Music Festival.

This DVD, featuring 12 songs, is a wonderful hybrid of educational video segments and concert footage from the Savannah Music Festival.   You and your family will learn all about the eco system of this East Coast barrier island while singing along with Roger’s original music about this unique location and its inhabitants.

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Weekend links and exploring the world with Little Passports


Note:  there are some affiliate links in this post.  Thank you!

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Keeping cool on hot days: baby doll washing

washing baby dolls

Yesterday proved to be quite a wild weather day here in Indiana.  In the afternoon the temperatures soared into the 90s (though it felt even hotter) and by late evening we were listening to the wind howl and the rain pound our roof as storms rolled in.

Before the scorching temps and thunderstorms, however, the kids and I spent a happy morning outside, beating the heat with some cool water play (before the eventual humidity and roasting temps sent us indoors in the afternoon).

This summer I’ve noticed that my littlest girls still love one of their favorite Unplugged Play ideas from last year:  giving their baby dolls a bath.

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