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Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Ages and Stages: Babies)


The following post is part of the Summer ReRun series and originally appeared in February 2012, back when Amelia was just six months old.  I have to confess, as she turns TWO this week, I’m rerunning this in part so I can see the pictures of my sweet baby girl.  Enjoy! – Kara

Amelia is six months old.  Can you believe it?  At this age she is starting to become a bit more self aware, especially as it relates to cause and effect and her own power in this regard.  This means rattles and shakers are a big hit right now.

One of my favorite things is the expression of happiness on Amelia’s face when she realizes that she is the one creating the noise with the rattle, that she is causing it. That means rattles and shakers are some of this mama’s favorite toys right now, too.

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