Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Ages and Stages: Babies)


The following post is part of the Summer ReRun series and originally appeared in February 2012, back when Amelia was just six months old.  I have to confess, as she turns TWO this week, I’m rerunning this in part so I can see the pictures of my sweet baby girl.  Enjoy! – Kara

Amelia is six months old.  Can you believe it?  At this age she is starting to become a bit more self aware, especially as it relates to cause and effect and her own power in this regard.  This means rattles and shakers are a big hit right now.

One of my favorite things is the expression of happiness on Amelia’s face when she realizes that she is the one creating the noise with the rattle, that she is causing it. That means rattles and shakers are some of this mama’s favorite toys right now, too.

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A deep breath at the end of the day (and some ebooks)


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I“m stealing a few moments for myself during the end-of-day quiet.  Do you hear that?  I don”t either.

Isn”t it wonderful?

While I”m enjoying the peace and quiet, I thought I”d let you know about a some good ebook deals, in case you”re on the hunt for some extra reading material to get you through the rest of the Summer.

First, I know that not all of you are in holiday planning mode (even though I am, yes, one of those crazy people – with the Pinterest board to prove it) but even if you aren”t thinking about jingle bells and peppermint right now, you will be eventually.

In the meantime, while you are enjoying your flip flops and popsicles, Jessica of Life As Mom has written an ebook that will help keep your holiday season blissfully simple and it is currently FREE for Kindle on Amazon (through 7/26).  You can pick up your FREE copy of A Simpler Season here.

FYI, the Kindle version of A Simpler Season does NOT come with the printables.  However, you can pick those up for $3 at the Life As Mom estore if you need them.

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Unplugged Play: a morning at the park and my current favorite bag #FEEDUSA


This has been the summer of walking for our family.  It is excellent exercise for all of us, especially for this mama who spent far too much time indoors over the long winter.  After months of being fairly sedentary, getting outside and walking nearly every day has been so nice for our whole family.

Plus, walking has given us a chance to better become local tourists and really get to know the ins and outs of this wonderful small town where we live. 

After a string of rainy and then super steamy hot days, we were more than ready for some unplugged play at our local park, so yesterday morning we loaded up my new favorite bag (more on that in a bit) and grabbed the stroller for Amelia, who would love to walk all by herself but can”t quite cover the distances just yet.

Then, out the door we went!

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Weekend Links


The Simple Kids Pinterest boards have been nominated for a Red Tricycle Award!  We”re in some lovely company, and if you feel so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you voted.  It doesn”t have to be for me, though I”d certainly love to win, there are many beautiful and inspiring pinners to choose from.  You can cast your vote here at the Red Tricycle website.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Today was …


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Today was a lovely, lazy, crafty day. My littlest Flecks were up super early (like 5:15 early. egad.) but the trade off was an early morning nap, something which rarely happens for my youngest any more.

A nap in the middle of our morning threw our rhythm off a bit, and it meant the whole day moved at a slower, lazier pace.  However that speed seemed perfect for a hot mid-July day.

Sometimes you just have to ignore the calendar and do what comes naturally.

Today was …

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