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The Simple Kids Pinterest boards have been nominated for a Red Tricycle Award!  We”re in some lovely company, and if you feel so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you voted.  It doesn”t have to be for me, though I”d certainly love to win, there are many beautiful and inspiring pinners to choose from.  You can cast your vote here at the Red Tricycle website.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Today was …


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Today was a lovely, lazy, crafty day. My littlest Flecks were up super early (like 5:15 early. egad.) but the trade off was an early morning nap, something which rarely happens for my youngest any more.

A nap in the middle of our morning threw our rhythm off a bit, and it meant the whole day moved at a slower, lazier pace.  However that speed seemed perfect for a hot mid-July day.

Sometimes you just have to ignore the calendar and do what comes naturally.

Today was …

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Summer Festivals Around the World {Little Passports}


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Yesterday I told you about the fun my family had at our local Bastille Day celebration and I imagine that many of my American readers celebrated the Fourth of July earlier this month.  But, France and the United States aren’t the only places with exciting Summertime festivals.

There are fascinating and fun festivals all over the globe!

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